It happened. The regular Pocket Joggers and Long Pocket Joggers, two of our best-selling shorts, got together and had a much-sought-after mid-length offspring. For all those perfection-seekers, these babies are not too long, not too short, and have been getting many pre-order requests from staffers at The Nest. Of course, they include all the bennies of the Pocket Jogger family, including Nyelle™ Compression, a large rear zip pocket, waistband mesh pockets, and on-leg side pockets. You can pocket, you can jog, you can pocket jog forever and ever, at any length. Note: this design includes the more relaxed waistband fit and overall waistband improvement compared to 2020.

- Nyelle Compression (nylon/spandex)
- interior drawcord
- rear zip waist pocket
- rear side mesh pockets
- 2 leg pockets that fit phone
- 7" inseam (all sizes)
- constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics

Customer Reviews

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Who knew I could love bike shorts again?

The last time I wore bike shorts, I was a high-school volleyball player. 20 years later, I thought I'd feel self-conscious wearing form-fitting shorts until I realized they're just shorter versions of my beloved leggings. After a lot of research, I took the leap with these joggers and I'm so glad I did! They don't ride up, don't chafe, and allow me to focus on my run. Reading other folks' comments... Not sure if it's just the black color that's see-through. I purchased purple and they're totally opaque. I also appreciate the thicker fabric, which feels super supportive (I live in the desert where temps are around 75 by 6:30 a.m.)

Katherine Adad
Not the usual Oiselle quality

2 stars for the comfort and the pockets. Very disappointed because the black are completely see through. The one thing I always loved about Oiselle is the quality of fabric but these are a no go!!!

Praise be!

I've had several seasons of the pocket joggers — everything in between from very good to very bad (OMG the waistband sitch last season) but these ones are right on the money! They're perfectly TTS, hug and lift in all the right places. The length is that perfectly-kinda-modest for overly long thighbones. I was a little skeptical of a 7" length but they hit at just the right spot, and didn't move at all while on the run. Pockets comfortably fit my phone in the back, too — no bounce.

These definitely deserve to be in your run rotation!

Kris Cochran
Nice for the right use

I purchased two different shorts for the upcoming summer, these and the power pocket shorts. I found the fabric on the pocket jogger soft, the length providing good coverage. However, its designs has some drawbacks. I would not recommend the heavier fabric for hot summer running. Also, the side pockets are lined literally to the hem of the short, which just doesn't feel great when I try to stick a phone in there, even just walking. Perhaps they will consider a shallower pocket next year. The obsidian color is a nice addition. I purchased my usual size 8.

If you loved the Strider length, you’ve gotta try these

4’11, 145lbs (size 4s when i was 135lbs but I got these in size 6 bc Quarantineweight 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Once Oiselle discontinued the Striders I was flailing in shorts-length land — my legs are too thick for 3-5 inchers, so I ended up in the super longs — and while the O-amazing Longs were better than the 3.5 lengths, as a very short person they almost felt more like short capris than actual shorts (which frustrated me immensely, there being no in-between size. Last season at O was weird.)
They worked though and I bought several pairs.

So I almost didn’t buy these cause i didn’t NEED them. But I loved the color and I DID gain a bit of weight since last summer so I let myself get a pair in a larger size just to help motivate me. And guys. THIS LENGTH. It’s like the Striders back from the dead but in a WAY more comfortable, perfectly stretchy-but-compressive, POCKETSTY, perfect form. The waistband feels great, it’s not the terrible waistband debacle from last season. The fit is true, it’s not the terrible super-tight sizing debacle from last season. (WHAT WAS THE DEAL LAST SEASON, GEESH.)

I’m having to physically restrain myself from buying every other color. OISELLE NEVER CHANGE THIS FIT PLEASSSE.

Valeska Danielak
Great Again!

These shorts have returned to their former greatness. The sizing is correct and the fabric feels just a bit more thin that the originals which is great for the temps in Texas. I ordered 2 more pair after running in my new mid length pocket joggers.

Love these

I got these in PNW and the color is very pretty. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The waistband is high-ish and secure but not constricting. They do not ride up at all on me. I am 5'9", 160, bought an 8 (usual size) and would consider them true to size.

Christiane Holodook

I was looking for shorts with an inseam of at least 6.5 inches since that seems to be the “Goldilocks” length that prevents riding up on my thighs. These are PERFECT! Love all the pockets and they are so soft and comfy. Immediately took them out for a long run and had no complaints. Highly recommend for anyone who’s thigh diameter fluctuates on a daily basis like mine! :)

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