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Such a simple statement, but so much of Oiselle’s brand, community, and culture is invested in this idea. Why? When we show up for others, they show up for themselves. And sometimes, when you’re really lucky, they show up for you too. So with that virtuous cycle of cheering, believing, and achieving in mind - we’re here to teach you how to cowbell like a pro.

Enter Jess Barnard. Professional runner for the Haute Volée. Professional superfan for runners everywhere (Coincidence? I think not. See virtuous superfan cycle above). Jess is here to share her tips, tricks, and strategies for succeeding as a superfan.



So make sure you have the appropriate equiptment: 

  1. Tights. My choice are the Moto Tights. Fleece lined for warmth, pockets for storage, and edgy/updated design. 
  2. Singlet. Because team pride, that's why!
  3. Puffer. Some days you're going hard on the sidelines for a 6+ hour marathon. Be warm, people! Power to the puff in the Call Her Jacket. Wind & water resistant, hood stowed in collar for when the weather get's real nasty, and also suuuuper insulated. 
  4. Gloves. It only takes about 5 minutes of cowbelling for your knuckles to go completely raw (raise your callused hand if you've learned this the hard way). Stay warm and protect those hands! Sure, we have no problem with a little blood shed for the sake of superfanning - but let's not. 
  5. Hats. Because they're cute. Have you seen the Oiselle Pom Beanie? More reasons: keep your ears warm, maybe you're having a bad hair day,  and beacuse they're cute. I couldn't think of anything else *shoulder shrug*.
  6. Fanny pack. Stay fueled and on top of your game. Items to include: peanut butter packets, Picky Bars, couple of hard boiled eggs... whatever gets you energized! 
  7. Running/active shoes. Keep the wedges at home, ladies & gents. Be prepared to be on the move! 


  1. Put 100 cowbells on a leash. (We did it. It's awesome.)
  2. Don’t speak for a day to maximize voice volume on the course.
  3. Map out your spectator points and calculate time & distance between all of your stops. 
  4. Make a slightly offensive sign.
  5. Brunch reservations. 

Now go superfan, fangirl, cheer, believe, achieve! 

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October 27, 2016 — jbarnard

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