Athlete-Advisors at Oiselle. Each represents Oiselle in running/sports via their individual pursuits, and as part of the Oiselle Advisory Group, which helps shape the direction of the company. In turn, our goal is to support their ongoing work as athletes, activists, writers, and thought leaders.

And we thought it was about time to get to know them all a little better.

In the weeks to come, we’re sharing with you short, intimate interviews with each of our three Athlete-Advisors. We are honored to work with these women; these movers and change makers, and wonderful humans.

20 Questions with Lauren Fleshman

18 Questions with Kara Goucher


Alison Mariella Désir joined Oiselle as our Director of Sports Advocacy in January 2021. Her role combines community, culture, and movement building as Oiselle works to strengthen both internal team culture and outward facing community outreach with the goal of making running a more inclusive space.

Alison teaches us something every day. She takes her passion for finding meaning in movement, and calls us all into conversation. She helps us hold a mirror up to examine our privilege. She’s on this earth to make us all better people – through community building, mental and physical health advocacy, and the pursuit of racial justice and the dismantling of racist systems in our country.

Alison is also a bright beam of JOY that one can’t help but feel good around. She’s a master community builder and organizer. The love for her family – Amir and little Kouri – is a blessing to witness. We pinch ourselves every day that she’s here with growing connections (as she builds up Harlem Runs West out here in Washington state 😉).

Thank you for joining us here at Oiselle, Alison. Can’t wait to make more good trouble with you soon.

Kara Clark
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