Athlete-Advisors at Oiselle. Each represents Oiselle in running/sports via their individual pursuits, and as part of the Oiselle Advisory Group, which helps shape the direction of the company. In turn, our goal is to support their ongoing work as athletes, activists, writers, and thought leaders.

And we thought it was about time to get to know them all a little better.

In the weeks to come, we’re sharing with you short, intimate interviews with each of our three Athlete-Advisors. We are honored to work with these women; these movers and change makers, and wonderful humans.

18 Questions with Alison Mariella Désir

18 Questions with Kara Goucher


Lauren joined Oiselle in late 2012 as both a sponsored athlete and business partner. We’d been huge fans of Lauren’s for years (for so many reasons) and to have her join us to not only help make great product but to improve the sport and build the sisterhood... well, we’re still pinching ourselves. (True of all three of our Athlete-Advisors, tbh.)

In July 2013 Project Little Wing (now Littlewing Athletics) was born, with Lauren as its first head coach.

In July 2016 Lauren retired from her professional competitive career to focus more on other aspects of the sport of running: fighting for fairness and economic viability for athletes, protecting clean athletes, and continuing to build community among women runners. And in a more recent change up, we announced Lauren was taking a sabbatical from Littlewing after eight years of coaching and 26 years (!!) of focusing her life on professional athletics. She’s now serving as Oiselle’s Brand Strategy Advisor (“AKA: Dream Job”).

What do you call a butterfly who *hops back into her cocoon* to reprioritize and revitalize herself, over and over again, even though it’s incredibly fucking hard to do? That’s a Lauren Fleshman. And we can’t wait to see the next emergence. 🦋

October 08, 2021 — Kara Clark
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