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September 05, 2014

An Open Letter to The Flock

Kate Grace

Updated: September 11, 2014

September is cross country, and cross-country means team running: bus rides and group sing-a-longs, pre-race cheers and post-race meals. That feeling of team is what has been so wonderful about my time with Oiselle. This summer, I ran a tune-up 1500m race at a small high-school in a Seattle suburb, and when I crossed the finish line, not thrilled with my race, there was a group of women there to welcome me. At the all-comers night at the local track, I had people to turn to. 


A team is more than a uniform. It's encouragement and support before and after competition. It's frequent interaction, about running, but also just about the daily grind. It's friendly competition - pushing each other to the next level in workouts. It's running together, cheering on friends together at the water-stop.

It's that feeling that we want to spread with The Flock. And it's those qualities that we are working to improve. I arrived at the office last week, and have been noodling on that puzzle ... how do you create a system that can expand, without being limited by time or personnel in a growing company. And that's where team comes back into play. Our runners have been voicing up across the country - they want to work together and help coordinate people in their regions. We have heard your comments - there will be an easier system to find each other, more frequent meet-ups, interaction and fun tidbits from HQ and our elites, and local online communities, for the times when we can't be together in person. It's going to be a fun fall. 


I'm excited for xc season, and I can't wait to welcome the next group of Flock members, to fill out our 2014-2015 roster. Next week, we will be adding a limited number of spaces, and after that time, the numbers will be set for the year. We have heard your feedback about the timing of the opening. To avoid confusion, the window will open onWednesday, September 17th at 10AM Pacific.  At that time, the Flock will be available on You will be able to select your uniform size, and pay the annual membership fee. The window will close when we are out of uniforms.

If you want to join this year, be ready at 10AM Pacific on September 17th! Any questions, tweet at me or email [email protected].


AnneM | September 6, 2014 at 10:20am

I was just thinking about

I was just thinking about something like this, how much I miss my cross country team by my side, now that I am working in the real world and don't have runner allies all the time. Reading about the creation of the Flock and fulfilling Oiselle's mission statement has filled some of the hole of "what is missing about my running?" and I am looking forward to info on joining the flock. Thanks for the updates! Own that catwalk ladies!!! (is it still a cat walk if you are High Flyers? Does it become a birdwalk? A birdsky?;) )

Sarah M. | September 6, 2014 at 5:41pm

Can't wait!

Awesome, awesome! I love what you ladies are doing -- both on and off the track. I am so bummed I wasn't fast enough the first time around, but am excited for another opportunity to join this community! Thanks for changing the game and being rad. xoxo

Jess | September 12, 2014 at 7:30am

Super excited about this -

Super excited about this - just marked my calendar!