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Jungle Chicken

Erin (Jungle Chicken) started running around age eight because her older brother did, and she did everything that he did until he became a doctor and she didn't want to go to medical school because she likes to sleep too much.

She has continued running for so many reasons: it is a basic activity. Humans were designed to do it, and it feels good to engage in something that we have done for millions of years. She loves to be outside and thinking only about her body and her surroundings. It's so easy to track progress and accomplishments--drop your times, beat an opponent, win a race. She also loves to be around the positive energy of other runners.

Erin's most memorable moment would have to be standing on the starting line at the NYC Marathon with the world's best female runners as part of the elite field. Followed by her most embarrassing moment about 15 miles after standing on the start line at the NYC Marathon with the world's best female runners, when they had all run ahead, out of site, and she was running all alone in the streets.

If she could run with anyone, I would run with her homies from Run n Fun or Oiselle or Team USA Minnesota.

Her favorite Oiselle gear to run in are the distance shorts (in orange when she's feelin' sassy) and, of course, arm warmers.