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jacquelyn scofield


Social Media Specialist

Jacquelyn Scofield, known around these parts as JJ, once refused to run over 800 meters. Now she's training for half marathons. She credits team manager, KMet, for this transformation. Fun fact: KMet was actually JJ's high school coach.

JJ is Oiselle's social media specialist, and when you meet her it's no surprise why she's made for the position. She's endless joy and light energy always game for adventure and conversation.

She loves running because it's the most enjoyable AND challenging part of her day. She hasn't found another combo quite so addictive. And she'll never forget the high of finishing her first race and looking over to see tears of pride in her mother's eyes.

Jacquelyn Fire-Round
Track or road? Road
Long run or 800s? Long run
5k or marathon? 5k
Chips or chocolate? CHOCOLATE
NY or LA?  LA
Winter or summer? Fall ;)
Dog or cat? Dog
Ocean or mountains? Ocean
Plugged in or unplugged? Unplugged