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Our first ever two-in-one shorts, this design has a lot of functionality in a very simple package. Instead of a traditional running short liner, the base layer is our Plya Compression (so think booty short), with the semi-fitted layer over the top. The waistband is our classic flat and pocketed design, but the side pockets are the true design breakthrough. The side leg pockets, with the opening on the outside, are attached to the compression bottom underneath, rather than the outerlayer. The upshot: when moving or running, objects in the side pockets stay secure against your leg vs. bouncing around. Power to the pockets!

- Roga Stretch Woven (polyester / spandex)
- Plya Interlock waistband (polyester / spandex)
- infinity drawcord
- rear zip pocket
- interior attached compression shorts
- side leg pockets
- 4" shorts inseam
- 2.25" compression short inseam

Customer Reviews

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Comfy shorts but not good for running

I love how these shorts look on and are great for regular work outs and hanging out however they do ride up instantly with running. I found them true to size, I typically wear a size 6 and a 6 in these fit fine.

Would be 5 with gusseted crotch

I really love the shorts but can’t wear them on long runs because the straight seam gives me the worst chaffe. I think updating it to a gusseted crotch would help it a lot!

In my daily rotation!

I have been running exclusively in Rogas for about 5 years now and just recently bought a new pair. They don't have the same feel/fit as my older ones, so I figured I'd try a different style of the heck of it so I ordered these. I love them!! The compression shorts stayed put and they are super comfy! I wore them on my first half marathon and didn't fuss with them at all. Definitely in my regular rotation of running shorts with my Rogas. I am 5' 5", 145lb and I ordered a 10, same size as my Rogas. I could easily size down to an 8 and they would still fit but I don't like anything tight on my waist and these fit perfect and aren't too baggy elsewhere.

Pretty good

I bought these shorts in the spring on my never ending quest to not hold my phone while running. It took a bit of getting used to but my phone stayed put if I took off the hard outer shell part of the case but left on the silicone shock absorber part so it couldn't slide out even with all the bouncing around (and occasional check/push down into the pocket just in case).

With that said, when I first got these I was slightly disappointed with the heaviness of them. I was expecting to get a very lightweight short for hot summer runs. They are fine but you definitely know you're wearing two layers if you can only squeeze in a run during the lunch hour in July.

Also, these do seem to run a bit big. I ordered the smallest size available and the inside shorts layer is pretty loose, hence the phone worries above. For reference, I'm 5' and usually around 103lbs. The inside layer does sit against my thighs but it's not tight by any means.

I do very much like these shorts though...especially now I've got myself a watch and can leave my phone at home! The pockets are awesome for my knife in one and a gel in another. Plus the back pocket is good and secure for if I need to take a key or card along. The string on the back zipper fell off in the wash long ago but the zipper is big enough I feel you don't really need it anyways.

I have had other shorts styled with the compression short underneath and those have lead me to prefer the lighter brief-underneath shout-out to whomever gave such thoughtful placement to the seams! These are the most comfortable ones I've owned like this ...and have pockets!

Always a Roga lover and wearer but these are great

I have more Rogas than any human should own, and I love them for so many reasons. I purchased the track star shorts specifically because I had broken my wrist and needed shorts that could carry stuff. I just got back from my first trail run, and they are pretty great. With the compression shorts inside, they feel very differently from rogas, but I love the side pocket--it actually fits my phone. Side note: it fits my phone but when I ran with my phone, my shorts were dragging down a little. But, the compression didn't ride up, and I loved the looked of them. They legs aren't as loose as the rogas, but it is a great other type of short to have.

Stylish and practical

These run big, like the Rogas, so size down. Love the accent color stripe and deep blue color. I'm not a huge fan of the liner shorts, prefer the brief in the Rogas to this design. And the side pocket is not quite right for a phone. Mine bounced out multiple times during a run. But these are a nice stylish alternative to plain running shorts and are great for quick runs.

Great short but...

These are great shorts. When I first ran in them they did not ride or bunch up at all. Then after a slow hill and some sweat they started to inch up my inner thigh. (I have a big butt and thighs) I had to keep stopping to pull them down for comfort. They are super cute and I love the lining. I wish they were one inch longer.

Disappointed with sizing and return policy

Ok, if you’re small, ignore the sizing. I’m 5’0” and a solid zero. My weight fluctuates from 105-110 and my waist is 25”. Per their size chart, I should have purchased a 4. The 4 was massive.

What’s worse, they have one of the worst return policies I’ve seen in retail. They force the customer to pay for shipping. One commonality across reviews of multiple shorts is that their sizing is off. Instead of focusing on customer obsession and enabling easy returns, you get a “Welp, sorry you should have bought a smaller size.”

Oiselle, do better. Your product is amazing. Your size chart is incorrect. Your return policy is sub par. I will go out of my way to buy from any other retailer carrying your product than your site because of it.

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