It's the super shorts that started it all. Beloved by athlete women everywhere, the Roga remains a favorite for its flat waistband, extra large, center back zip pocket, semi-fitted style, and Roga Stretch Woven body fabric that is drapey and fluid, forming to your body. The fit, the shaping, the ability to go any and every mile—we’re always happy to present you with new offerings in the original non-poofy running shorts!

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester/spandex)
- Plya Compression waistband (polyester/spandex)
- interior drawcord
- built-in technical liner
- rear zip waist pocket
- four way stretch for full motion
- machine washable
- 4" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Different sizing than previous Rogas...

I was so excited to get another pair of Rogas because they have always fit me better than any other shorts. I have always worn a size 8 in them which fits perfect. In these however, the size 8 is huge in the waist. There is a drawstring so if I pull that as tight as it can go they will stay up ok while I am running but it is frustrating having to rely on a drawstring- my other Rogas I never needed to use it which was good because it fell out in the wash. If I had sized down in the current Rogas I'm afraid they would have been too tight around my thighs. Unfortunately I can't return because I already ran in them. Please go back to the old Roga short sizing!

great except for a key pocket

I picked up a pair of Roga's last summer and they quickly became one of my favorite pair of running shorts. Liner fits without either a wedgie or lines on the ass, leg length hits that good length of "long enough to feel covered but short enough to let my legs breathe." There's a big pocket in the back, which is great for multiple gels. My only complaint is that the pocket is TOO big (I know, never have I ever complained about too big of a pocket in running shorts). My keys bounce and jangle back there because it's such a big space and it's super annoying to hear for 8 miles. So keep the big pocket, add a small pocket for keys?

Perfect shorts

I really liked the Toolbelt Roga and tried these on a whim. I love them! They are light and comfortable - I don't even notice that I'm wearing them.

The perfect running & pregnancy short

These shorts have seen soo many miles! I wore them training for a marathon and on Marathon Day! They never rode up and no chaffing experienced.
Also I wore these throughout my pregnancy and they fit up until my due date! They fit perfectly below the belly.
These are the best shorts!!

Close ... but off the mark in some important ways

I have some older Summer Rogas that are my go-to shorts, so I decided to reinvest in some new ones. I tested these shorts in a wide range of conditions — a 10mi trail run in the rain, and a 5-hour ridge run/hike/scramble in dry, hot, Western conditions. They are great in some ways, but also majorly miss the mark in some key ways.

- Great material on the legs
- No bunching on the legs + the inseam length = zero chaffing for me
- Looks great, flowing along my legs and butt without being tight or baggy
- Beautiful colors (red and blue)

- The waistband is WAY big. Despite being a very consistent size 4/small, I had to cinch the waistband 2-3 inches to prevent it from falling down. In fact, I had to cinch it so much that the waistband puckers where it connects to the leg material. When I tried a 2, the legs are very tight, which is not my thing.
- The waistband is NOT fully elastic. There is only 1" of elastic at the top of the waistband — the whole thing is not made of stretchy, elastic material. This compounds the large waistband problem.
- The length of the short (from waistband to crotch) is too short. As I'm running, the short length pushes the liner up into my crotch, causing it to stick to my lady parts for a permanent half-camel toe, half-wedgie situation while I'm running.
- The liner is too big for the waist-to-crotch length. Despite having a good booty, I can hitch the short up toward my high hip/waist for the liner to fit well. Needless to say, I didn't do this, because it compounds the camel toe/wedgie situation.

None of these issues exist with my older Rogas.

Bottom line:
With a "by women, for women" ethos, and a host of athletes and team members available for product testing, it is truly baffling how Oiselle missed these problems. I bought mine at 50% off, and it is *maybe* worth keeping the second pair I haven't worn yet, but I definitely wouldn't pay full price with these fit issues.

Heigh: 5'3"
Weight: 135
Butt/hip: 38"
Waist: 28"

I miss the old style

I am bummed with the new Roga fit. Old styled draped beautifully on behind and fell nicely on legs... these miss the mark :-(

Shorts Worth Writing A Review

I've been looking for shorts that don't ride up when I trail run with no luck. I've tried two other Oiselle Rogas and their bike shorts, Patagonia's longer shorts, Lululemon and they all fit great but ride up when I run. These longer Rogas are finally the winner! They're super comfortable (just like all things Oiselle) and they stay in place. I'm so excited to finally have a pair of shorts that stay put...guess I'll be buying more. I'm 5'7", 140, size 6, TTS.

Fun and flattering yet not for distance running

In response to all of the raving reviews, I bought the Roga on my search for the perfect running short. I am 5'6" at 130 lbs, and I purchased a size 4 and 6 to see which fit best. Size 4 fit yet was snug (and definitely displayed camel toe), so I went with the 6 (pictured) and am really happy. They DO shrink in the wash, so now they fit even better. Drawstring front and zip pocket in the back are really great. I've run in them a few times now, and after about 3 miles the middle slides up and I start to chafe, which is really uncomfortable. Don't recommend for warm, humid runs, but I hope they do better as it cools down. Seeing as they're so expensive I wish we could send them back after a trial period, but I'll have to use these for hiking or HIIT activities.