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Inspired by the engineering of suspension bridges, the Sisters Bra is designed for maximum security, support, and coverage at all points. The name alludes to the sisterhood in its design: two layers of construction working in harmony. An inner layer, which includes unique meshes and molded cups, while attaching those elements to an inner set of straps. This inner layer = encapsulation, supporting each breast. The outer layer and outer straps represent the compression, holding everything in place. The four-strap system more evenly distributes the weight, relieving strap pressure which can often cause pain or welting in the skin. The Sisters Bra is also higher on the neck, to minimize top bounce, with the two layers of mesh at the neck serving both form and function. Learn more about the Sisters Bra on the blog.

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• Straps are covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
• 1.5” plush ribbed elastic chest band for comfort and heat management
• Double strap design evenly distributes weight, reducing pressure and pain
• Two layers of power mesh connects cups to inner straps
• Sewn in molded cups with perforation for heat release
• No-stretch power mesh liner to maintain shape and stability
• 2 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
• Covered pad protects skin from hook and eye closure
• Plush Elastic with custom Oiselle birds design
• Compression level: 3


• Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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The ONLY bra that works for D/DD/DDD cups

I've had DD cups since like the sixth grade. I've been as large as F/G cups. I'm currently at 34DD. Over the past decade, I have spent the sum of several paychecks on so-called "high-impact" running bras from every brand on the market - from the big-name athletic/running brands (Nike, Athleta, Lulu, Brooks, Adidas), to the more oddball brands that specially market to us big boobed folk (Panache, Freya/Wacoal, Enell). None of them - I repeat, NONE OF THEM - actually worked to hold me in without movement/bounce. Finally, finally, finally finding this bra has felt like Moses parting the Red Sea and I'm now able to reach this promised land of being able to run like a "normal-to-small-boobed person"! It really is a miracle for me. Since trying this bra, my upper back pain due to boob bounce has disappeared. My trapezius pain due to straps digging in to support excess bounce, has also disappeared. The post-run headaches that grew from the back and trap pain, have stopped. I simply cannot praise this bra enough. More than any other piece of gear I've ever owned, this bra has enhanced my enjoyment of running and brought me joy in the run - and thus, this bra is amongst the greatest gifts I've given myself. Thank you for designing this extremely functional piece, and please do not ever stop making this bra.

Only bra I ever found to work without doubling up

I am 38D and this is the only bra EVER and I have tried Adidas, nike, fabletics, shefit, champion, other imports, other oiselle bras) that I can wear without doubling. I don't like any movement at my chest, and this does the job. I do not have to double up because this bra does that for you. It has the bra itself which adjusts at the back and then a dual layer on top that provides the lift with adjustable shoulder straps. It attacks the bounce and anything else going on.


This bra works! I'm a 34DD former breast cancer patient and I need a bra with support. Bras aren't accessories for me, they are a necessity. I miss the Moving Comfort bras with thick straps and solid support, and this bra is a good replacement. Thank you for making a bra for us gals who need support.

Support good, but very sweaty

Support and fit are excellent and my breasts are well locked in place for running (34C).
Getting it fastened does require good shoulder flexibility, so some may need help there.
Unfortunately, this bra is not very breathable due to the double layers, and I was much sweatier in this bra than any others I own. I live in Las Vegas, where even running before sunrise means 80 degrees plus. Will have to try again in the winter to see if this can be a seasonal bra.