Sports bras are different than real bras. They’re super bras. They’re like the muscle car of the bra world. And when a woman finds her right sports bra, watch out. Armor on!

Gal Gadot, Zendaya, Lupita Nyong’o, and Letitia Wright armor up


Whether we’re slaying villains or a Sunday 12-miler, we need the right tools for the job. And women with full hearts and chests know that for high impact sports like running, the demands are way higher. Not just for cup capacity, but also in the overall design of the garment, from the liner materials, to the straps, to the adjustability, to the steps required for putting it on and taking it off.

Our two new band/cup sports bras, the Sisters Bra and the Queen Bra, are the most highly engineered products we’ve ever produced. Ten years in the dream phase. Three years in the development and wear testing phase. Fifteen sizes (32-40, C/D/DD). Twelve different components/materials. Countless hours of collaboration with our factory partner who also brought 30+ years of experience to the table.

But facts: no matter how much we love these bras, we know that YOU: our teammates, customers, and community will be the final word on whether we’ve succeeded in providing that holy grail of woman-up athleticism: freedom. And while we are starting with these sizes, our goal is to expand to meet as many needs as possible.

Now let’s get down to it.

Of the two new bras, the Queen Bra has a more simple design aesthetically – but still includes all of the internal construction that makes it a highly supportive, structured bra. It’s also different from the Sisters Bra in that it opens completely in the back, which many women prefer in terms of getting the closure just right, and not having to pull it down over arms and shoulders. Its body fabric is Power Plya™ Compression which is smooth, durable, and includes a high Spandex® content for stretch and recovery. Neither the Queen Bra nor Sisters have underwires.

  1. Body Fabric: Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
  2. Straps: Covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
  3. Chest Band: 2” plush ribbed elastic for comfort and heat management
  4. Cups: Sewn-in molded cups with perforation for heat release
  5. Stability Liner: No-stretch power mesh to maintain shape and stability
  6. Option 1 / Straight Straps: With an adjustable slider
  7. Option 2 / Cross Back Straps: For Higher Support, with adjustable slider
  8. Plush Elastic: With custom Oiselle birds design
  9. Opening: Bra back opens completely for easy on/off
  10. Closure: 4 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
  11. Closure Pad: Covered pad protects the skin from hook and eye closure

What our wear-testers are saying about the Queen Bra:

“I was so excited from the moment I first put it on. I felt so secure and supported but not restricted. The band feels great. I love the width of it and the padding on the claps left no pressure points. I typically wear a 38D and wore a 38D in the Queen Bra.” – Ally R.

“Post-pregnancy I wear a 32D. In terms of bounce, it felt great, very secure. I did high knees and cherry pickers after my run and the bounce was minimal. My heart rate strap fit under the band and stayed in place during the whole run.” – Jennifer H.

“I love the wide, soft, adjustable straps! Sometimes I can really feel my bra straps on my shoulder blades and it really annoys me, but I wasn’t aware of these straps in either the straight or crossed position.” – Allie P.

“No chafing noted on my limited number of runs so far. I have worn them around the house, and the Queen bra has the same issue for me as the super seamless bra - the band rolls up. But otherwise, it is very comfortable.” – Anjel V.


Inspired by the engineering of suspension bridges, the Sisters Bra is designed for maximum security, support, and coverage at all points. The name alludes to the sisterhood in its design: two layers of construction working in harmony. An inner layer, which includes all of the unique meshes and support materials from the Queen Bra, while attaching those elements to an inner set of straps. This inner layer = encapsulation, supporting each breast. The outer layer and outer straps represent the compression, holding everything in place. The four-strap system more evenly distributes the weight, relieving strap pressure which can often cause pain or welting in the skin. The Sisters Bra is also higher on the neck, to minimize top bounce, with the two layers of mesh at the neck serving both form and function.

  1. Strap System: Double strap design evenly distributes weight, reducing pressure and pain
  2. Straps: Covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
  3. Plush Elastic: With custom Oiselle birds design
  4. Body Fabric: Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
  5. Closure: 2 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
  6. Mesh: Two layers of power mesh connects cups to inner straps
  7. Stability Liner: No-stretch power mesh to maintain shape and stability
  8. Cups: Sewn-in molded cups with perforation for heat release
  9. Closure Pad: Covered pad protects the skin from hook and eye closure
  10. Chest Band: 1.5” plush ribbed elastic for comfort and heat management

What our wear-testers are saying about the Sisters Bra:

“The true magic of this bra is absolutely no pressure on my neck or shoulders. All those straps work! I often have trouble with increased neck tension from the bra pulling down on my traps. If I pull up on the straps in an attempt to alleviate the pressure, I risk spilling out the bottom. Not a problem in this bra.” – Jen M. (34D)

“I love the colors and styles of O bras and want to enjoy them like anyone else. Trying these bras on … despite the little issues … I finally feel like I have an option like the rest of the Volée. It means a lot.” – Anjel V.

“The bra fits really well on the shoulders. I account that for being able to adjust the straps. So the bra straps don't feel too short or long. It had just the right amount of bounce for me. I like to feel tight and contained but not squished.” – Jacinta W. (36DD)

“I feel like a fucking badass! Like ready to take on a world record and not worry about anything popping out of place! This bra looks great and feels amazing. I would’ve liked it to be a little higher cut in the underarm, but it wasn’t restricting.” – Kolbe J. (34D)

Sisters Bra and Queen Bra - Available Sizes

For our initial size range, we are starting with 32-40, C/D/DD (see pink shaded area below). We know this range does not cover the needs of many women in the sports community, and so we hope to expand the range in the near future. If your size is not represented, please fill out this form and let us know what size you’re looking for, so that we can work that into our planning.

Tips on Fit and Sports Bra Construction

Build that base. The chest band of the bra is your foundation. It should fit snugly, but not too tight around your body. The chest band line, front and back should be straight. Tip: if you notice the band pulling up in the back, it’s likely too small.

Stable straps. For larger cup sizes, it’s important for shoulder straps to be padded and soft, but to not stretch too much. Stretchy straps create a slingshot effect in high impact sports, causing more bounce.

Avoid top bounce. During high impact exercise, breasts are like escape artists. They’ll move wherever there’s less support. While cleavage is awesome for lots of things, it’s not great for running, causing pain or merely detracting from a workout. Tip: Make sure your sports bra is supporting you from all angles, bottom, side, and top.

Look for spillage. If you notice breast tissue coming out of the top of the bra, sides, or being pinched in the band, chances are you need a larger cup size. If the fit of the current band is good, increase cup size only. For example, go from a 36D to a 36DD.

When breast sizes are different. A difference in size between breasts is common. Fit the bra to the larger breast, and choose a bra with light padding and/or strong compression fabric so that both breasts are supported. Your size will change. Breast sizes can vary quite a bit over time. It's common for women to have 6-7 different bra sizes over their lifetime, so make sure to measure yourself, or get a bra fitting every year.

How to Determine Your Sports Bra Size

Maximize the Life of Your Sports Bras
They say a sports bra should never have a birthday. Then again, we know we’ve all had some bras that stay on, if for no other reason that we love them (and yes, they are often expensive).

Like anything else, however, sports bras wear out. For example, one major cause of chafing is not necessarily fit, but age. Once Spandex starts to degrade, it becomes brittle, and at a microscopic level will tear at your skin, making it red and even bleed.

Machine wash, line dry. For all Oiselle apparel, we want the line to be quality enough to endure machine wash cold, tumble dry low. But for these bras, to maximize longevity, we recommend machine washing them in a lingerie bag and line drying.

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Looks like you’ve got a WINNER!!!

— Cheryl

I have sent you so many messages over the years asking for this (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) and I am so excited to try these bras!! It’s really exciting to see a company response to something their customers are asking for. Thank you!

— Erika Donaghy

thank you for a bra that fastens in the back — i have a weird medical condition (two frozen shoulders!) that gives me somewhat limited mobility when it comes to bras i have to pull over my head. sure, it’s funny to watch me try to escape a bra, but i’d much rather, you know, just take the blasted thing off after a run.

— Kassia A Krozser

This is so exciting!! Sports bras that fit and WORK are such a grail quest. I am a fan of Oiselle and now feel like I can be part of the team. Thanks for supporting larger-chested gals :) Looking forward to expanded sizes release.

— A. Kennedy