For those who seek maximum legs-out freedom, but an alternative to the booty shorts, the Mac Roga was inspired by Sarah “Mac” Robinson who wanted Rogas that were “a little less.” The same semi-fitted style that defines the Roga family, including an extra large, center back zip pocket, Plya™ Compression waistband, and Roga Stretch Woven fabric that is fluid, drapey, and forms to your body!

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester/spandex)
- Plya Compression waistband (polyester/spandex)
- interior drawcord
- built-in technical liner
- rear zip waist pocket
- four way stretch for full motion
- machine washable
- 1.75" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Rachel B.
Great shorts but unsure of sizing

Wanted a size 2 but at the time I purchased, 2 in black was out of stock. Being impatient, I said screw it ordered a 4. They fit just fine (27" waist, 115 lbs) but I think maybe I will size down to a 2 if I order another pair. I have slender legs and the outer short looks a bit blousy - but overall they are still flattering. Perfect rise and length. Great material and love the large back pocket.

Noninclusive Fit

I’ve got 3 pairs of Mac rogas, all from different “seasons”. The 4th pair I recently received has a poor update. The waistband and leg openings are slimmer. I truthfully thought I had ordered the wrong size. All are size 4s, though. Unfortunately, they were purchased during a sale, so no returning. Hoping I can find someone skinnier than me to wear them because at this rate I’ll have to starve myself to fit into the newest style! For reference — 5’, 120 lbs. If you’re digging the new colors and prints, I would definitely order one size up!

Samantha L.
Not Easily Impressed, But Wow!

I am a fitness instructor, runner, and avid gym attendee. I have owned ever pair of shorts out there... these are easily at the top. They are super comfy, not only sweat wicking but so soft. The only downfall is the seam at the bottom on the edge. My friends thunder and lightning (thighs) will easily be cut during a long race after the shorts are drenched in sweat. Also I am typically in between 6-8 in most clothes I recommend sizing down if you are too. I will definitely purchase again.

Karen K.
Liner was too baggy

I really really wanted to love these shorts but I couldn't quite get the sizing right. The 2 was a bit too tight and the liner on the 4 was a big too baggy. Any suggestions for getting the right fit?!

c a.f.
Fast MACs

First - I'm a total MAC devotee (short girl problems over here) and was excited to hear that this year's macs are more streamlined. I've got every year's version since they first came out, and this year's model falls into the category of "go fast" macs - they definitely have less fabric both in width and in length - the length seems to be between a 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch shorter than last year's version depending on mid-front vs mid-back. The inseam and outseams are the same. These are definitely shortie shorts - that wee bit of less fabric in length is noticeable. The width is now perfect - streamlined but not tight in any way, but would rather have that wee bit of length back.

Rosie S.
Weird elastic waistband

I’ve loved Rogas and Mac Rogas for years, even through the big updates. I lost a pair of my staple black Mac Rogas, so I ordered a few more pairs. The newest redesign has a much narrower elastic waistband, which is strange. That elastic seems to twist a lot, so I have to carefully arrange the waistband as I put the shorts on. I have Mac Rogas from last summer that are definitely different than the current ones. I still love the fit, but this waistband situation seems to be a new problem in several bottoms.

Mac Roga's Forever and Ever!

I've been a long time Mac Roga devotee. I have so many older pairs though and they hold up so well, I honestly haven't ordered any in the last couple years. I think there was a small Roga redesign a couple years ago and I never tried them after that (did I mention I have so. many pairs)?! Anyways, I just ordered a new pair to try them out and they are so good, and so comfortable! The waistband is even more comfortable if that's possible and the subtle embossed look on the solid colors is nice, without adding unnecessary flair. I do wish their was slightly less fabric around the legs/butt area like the older versions, but they are still my favorite shorts and I will happily continue to buy them. The Regular Roga's are too long on me (I'm 5'1" with short legs) so the Macs are where it's at. Bonus- they double as excellent water shorts in the summer. Sizing seems consistent and take my normal size as other Oiselle bottoms.

Hallelujah the fit has been fixed!

Mac rogas were my faves till the fit changed. Now the fit has been fixed and is better than ever! I used to have to size up to keep my booty covered, making the waist a little big. Now my regular size fits perfectly. Yay!