This community has shown up big time. We maxed out the relay with 10,000 registrants - phenomenal! 10,000 racers will make this race bigger than 82% of US municipalities. That’s incredible! To date, we have collectively raised over $260,000 for Black Voters Matter, smashing our stretch goal of $250,000!!
The urgency for this event could not be higher. Doesn’t it feel like the world is literally crashing down on us this week? The west coast is inundated with fires and smoke and the south is threatened with hurricanes. Climate change is front and center in practically all of our lives - and that’s got us even more fired up for voting.
We have begun our collective Relay journey. It is time to pick up the torch and march (or run, walk, dance, yoga, or strength train) for change. We know current weather and quarantine restrictions will make participation in the event very challenging for some of you and your teams. We hear you, we feel your pain, and we are going to support you in this journey the best way we can.
While the mission of our Womxn Run the Vote Relay is to share the rich history of voting and civil rights, we also want to use our bodies as a form of civic engagement. To support those without access to outdoor movement, or a gym or treadmill, each morning of the event we will send out a workout of the day to all Relay participants. These daily workouts will be sourced from some of our favorite athletes who will provide an alternative way to move, especially for those who can’t get outside to walk, run, or cycle. The best part - each workout will convert to 5 miles of activity which could add up to 35 miles for the week.
Remember the story of the original Torch Relay? Those women pushed on, no matter what they faced, with their eye on the prize to force lawmakers to vote for women’s equality. Those women from across the country worked together through roadblocks and crazy weather conditions, while those who weren’t running were on the sidelines offered support and encouragement.
When the going gets tough, other teams are going to need you to pick up the torch and wave it high as a sign of encouragement. Shout from the rooftops (or your Instagram handles!) about why we are doing this. To fight for equal rights, social justice reform, healthcare, and yes the climate change that is wreaking havoc on an already epically bad year. We ask that you check in with others, send them cheers, maybe share a few tips on how they can actively participate in the Relay.
Keep pushing for change, encouraging people to get out to Vote, and most importantly supporting Black Voters Matter.

Thanks for all your support and excitement. We’re all in this together! LFG!
Womxn Run the Vote Team
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