Our Haute Voléea group of women who lead us with their commitment, strength, and openness to change. So when motivation, challenge, and goals are involved...we love to hear from them. The prompt is simple. What will you take on and what will you leave behind in 2017? We hear from a small assortment of our elite team below, and look for continued inspiration all month long!



RUN: Continuing to challenge my body, to see exactly how high of a level I can compete at.

REJECT: The fear/questions associated with my knee injury from 2016. I'm going to leave behind the anxiety that it might not hold up and embrace the now.



RUN: New distances and accompanying learning curve. You should always be learning- it's how you grow. 

REJECT: My super power has always been durability, but as I've gotten older this has become less true. I'm leaving behind the super power I've clung to as my only talent for years to see what abilities have been patiently waiting in the trenches.

RUN: If my body allows (and I'll treat it better so that it has a fighting chance!), I will do a long trail race or mountain race! New challenges for a new life and new stage in my running career! And I'd love to learn to play the guitar....

REJECT: I will leave behind the past relationships that either no longer serve me or never did make me better. I'm going to stop lamenting and pouting about things over which I have no control and let go!!



RUN: This year, I want to let go of insecurities in all my future endeavors. Open myself up to what's in front of me. Be present. Experience. Learn. Love and laugh. Rest when I'm tired. 

REJECT: I want to leave behind pushing for perfection and to stop longing to be somewhere other than where I am right now. 

RUN: I'm taking on completing and publishing my first book and ballroom dancing!

REJECT: I'm leaving a scattered brain behind! 


RUN: This year I will be taking on what will probably be my life’s greatest challenge and reward… to be a mom! As the breadwinner in my family, I’ll be a working mom who also wants to train to compete at an elite level again.

REJECT: I will leave behind the expectation that I can control everything. I want to be relaxed and enjoy life with our new bundle, letting go of any preconceived notions of how my daily life will look with our welcomed addition. I will allow patience and flexibility to be my guides.


RUN: In 2017 I want to take what I'm learning in Social Work classes and put the knowledge into practice. I want to help create a space in running for survivors of sexual violence to come together and heal. 

REJECT: This year, I will leave behind my disappointments from last year. I set high racing goals for myself, and I've had a hard time appreciating the process while letting some of the results go.

RUN: Stepping into my own power and committing 100% to big goals! 

REJECT: Imposter syndrome and flagellation.



RUN: This year I will take on opening my heart to running and competing again after the heartbreak of injury. To run fully committed and trust the journey, seeing it as beautiful no matter what.

REJECT: I will leave behind fear. Fear of what it may look like or what could happen. Letting go of fear will free me up to experience the joy of running in new ways.



RUN: A return to embracing my military past; I spent several years trying to distance myself from my military life, but I realize there is much I can do to continue to serve. This year I am going to lean into career opportunities that allow me to help women veterans and those currently serving. And by run the Marine Corps Marathon again.

REJECT: Saying "yes" based on others' expectations of what I should do. I will start saying "yes" only to those things that further and better me, and stop being afraid of other's reactions to my saying "no." 

Your turn! Learn more about the January challenge here. We can't wait to see where your flight plan takes you!

#WheelsUp17 is a series made for the motivated — a monthly challenge designed to help you see your runway and takeoff. With pro and coach Steph Bruce at the helm, and the power of the Oiselle community by your side — it’s just the right push to help you pull up your wheels and soar.