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Imagine yourself on a plane.

You're seated, ready, patiently waiting for your journey to begin.

Slowly, gradually, you hear the engine pick up. The wheels begin to move. The giant steel machine begins to roll forward down the long runway before you. Faster, that roll accelerates. You begin to pick up speed. Engine roaring, the wings shake. The windows shudder. You’re ever closer to the end of the tarmac. There’s a moment where you, a passenger, are in disbelief that an object like this could ever meet the sky. And in one grand gesture of trust, bravery, and human engineering — the wheels come up, the wind meets your wings, and you float. You’re flying.

In our world, you are not a passenger — you’re a pilot. And this moment, the moment where a grand dream meets doubt, limits, and discomfort — is a place we’re calling the “wheels up” moment. A time where against all odds, you pull up your wheels and meet the sky.

2017 will be a year of wheels up moments. For all of us as runners, women, and a community — we will set big goals, lean into the discomfort of our obstacles, and choose flight.

So to kick off a year of wheels up moments, we invite you to join us in January’s Challenge - It’s a new year and a new opportunity to create a vision. A vision by its very definition, is the act or power of defining that which will come to be. Pursuing a vision is powerful, it’s scary, it’s about believing, taking risks, and doing. Will there be failure along the way? Yes. But more importantly, there will be growth.

Here’s how to join in on the fun.


RUN: Set a goal — athletic, personal, realistic, wild, or scary. No matter the speed, distance, or destination - shape your commitment around a willingness to see what’s possible.

REJECT: Ditch the distractions — reflect on the things in your life that aren't serving you, and let them go. Give yourself the space you need to create something new.

AND SHARE: Tag us to let us know what you’re running toward, and what you’re rejecting with #WheelsUp17. We can’t wait to see where your flight plan takes you!

Wheels Up!

Coach Steph

#WheelsUp17 is a series made for the motivated — a monthly challenge designed to help you see your runway and takeoff. With pro and coach Steph bruce at the helm, and the power of the Oiselle community by your side — it’s just the right push to help you pull up your wheels and soar!




January 02, 2017 — jbarnard

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