Kristin Metcalf



Another week of local races for the Nest to flock to...!  With our Oiselle Team on our minds, here are some of the HOT races:

Our Seattle group of fans is looking forward to going out to cheer on some of these fast Oiselle women at the Dempsey Indoor! 

Go Fast and Take Chances!

February 8th Boston University Valentine Invitational Boston, MA Kate Grace - 800 meters
February 8th UW Husky Classic Seattle, WA

Fri.- Kara Millhouse in 5k (5:30pm PT)

February 9th SPIRE DI Invitational Akron, OH

Jennie Kormanik in the Mile (3:40 ET)


February 10th UW Husky Open Meet Seattle, WA


Sun. - Jen FoundMegan Rolland, and Ashley Miller:  Mile (10:40am PT)

Sun. - Ashley Miller: 800m 

(1:05 PT)

Sun. - Shannon Botten in 3k (2:45 PT)