It's February 2013, and if I'm being totally honest with you, I have to say it's taken me six years to make the perfect running pants (not tights or knickers, mind you, but full length, great fit pants that can be worn for speed or style). Why six years? God knows. It seems simple: two tubes and a waistband, right? But when you get into it. When you reallllly get into it, you learn that women are like snow flakes...unique majestic creatures who understand no two are alike: "My hips are wide, but I'm short..." "I have a tiny waist but a round rump..." "I have a long torso but short legs..." "I have strong thighs but two belly buttons..." and so on. 
The pre-pant crew...tights and knickers rule.
Complicating the issue is the fact that making perfect pants is like building a pyramid with no right angles. The curves, the lines, the drape, the cut, the front and rear rise...and of course the fabric. When it's wrong, you know it instantly. We've all had that ugly dressing room moment. When it's right, it's oh so right.
With the Straight Leg Running Pant, I'm thrilled to say I believe we're offering you something that's oh so right. Or at the very least, a good portion of you. Because ultimately, no one pant can fit everyone. But we've tried hard to make this one fit YOU, and the diversity of women we've met, measured, and had wear test our clothes.
The Straight Leg Run Pant comes in two lengths, regular (31") and long (33")
Some points worth mentioning:
- A straight leg for runners (no flippy floppy pant hems to slow you down)
- A super durable but comfy poly/spandex fabric (same as our favorite Lesley Knickers)
- A fitted but not super tight fit (think slightly looser than yoga pants)
- A front zip pocket for your stuff
- Two lengths (in size M, 31" for Regular and 33" for Long)
When I got my first pair, fresh from the factory, I was doing my usual dance...dying to put them on, but battling that awful voice in my head that tells me I won't be satisfied. Like many designers, I am my own worst critic...nit picking every detail and generally being dissatisfied. But I have to tell ya sisters, I put these babies on and I did a giant happy dance. I ran around, I jumped, I got so excited, I even did the core routine I hadn't done in 3 weeks.
Of course, at the end of the day, it's not about what we think, but what YOU think. You are the judge! So as always, please hit us up with feedback - and how you might improve any given style. When you send us ideas, we listen and often implement.
Now get some pants on and go for a run!
February 06, 2013 —

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