What do you wear when the weather starts getting hairy? Okay, first take the temperature outside + 20° and imagine what you'd wear standing around. So if it's 40° out, imagine it's 60° and you're not running. You might wear tights + long sleeves, knickers + long sleeves, or if you run hot, shorts and long sleeves. Boom. Add gloves, hat as needed. You know your body best. Here are some of our hot and cool tips for dressing for the weather.

50°- 60°

If you winter in the South, you might not want much layering...you’re solidly in the shorts/short sleeves or tank running weather. Our Shorts Collection has something for everyone, and Flyte + Flow material is the most versatile for varying conditions. Add a Runner Trucker Hat and you’re good to go!

40°- 50°

Perfect for knickers and long sleeves. Top it off with any of our high performance headware! We've got something for you.


You'll get to know your shorts cut off temperature, most folks switch over to longer leg covering around 45 degrees. When it's lower than your threshold, pair your long sleeve with knickers or tights. Add a vest + hat (or anorak) and don't forget to accessorize with earbands + gloves for maximum comfort. Shop Reflective Collection for more visiblity friendly styles!

40-ish° with rain

If it's lightly raining and between 32° - 55°, add a layer - perhaps a winter layer - (and of course a Runner Trucker Hat). Our water-resistant Reflective Vim Anorak or the Reflective Vigor Vest will keep you comfy and safe with its ultra-reflective material.

Caught in a total downpour? Don’t worry, we have a jacket for that, too! The Say Anything Jacket is fully sealed (yep, even the zippers) so you’ll stay extra dry. As an added bonus, as you heat up, the textured interior keeps the fabric from sticking to your skin, while the specially designed laminate moves heat and moisture through the fabric while preventing rain and wetness from entering on the surface. Our recommedation for tights in this weather - Bad Weather Flyout Tights (it's in the name) and you'll thank us later.

30° - 40°

Getting down to cold! Wool is perfect solo at 35°, anything lower and you'll want layers. Any wicking long sleeve is just right. We suggest the Katron Full Zip or Half Zip, which combines all the best performace fabrics and is a great base layer. You'll want to add gloves or mittens and a even a hat in temperatures this low.

30° and below

Now we’re talking legit cold. The good news is, with the right running gear, many runners can keep running safely down into the teens (depending on your personal comfort level and health concerns, of course). Make sure you layer up and cover up! You can't go wrong with Katron or Wool. The fingers and hands on the Bad Weather Gloves are made of Polartec® PowerStretch, which means they're warm and fleecy. If you need something warmer to survive the colder months, try the PNW Gaiter or PNW Earband. Soft Lux on the inside, so you won't have that scratchy feeling...and even better...it's reversible!

Maureen Gehrig
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This is so interesting, good encouragement as deep winter creeps up. Thanks!!

— Brittany