Bad Weather Gloves

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For all those who live in the colder climes, these are the super gloves for every adverse condition. The fingers and hands are made of Polartec® PowerStretch, which means they're warm and fleecy. Then we added a weather resistant shell panel that can be wrapped around the fingers, for when you need to keep wind, rain, and cold at bay. When not in use, these panels stuff into the cuff. Reflective details top it all off, for any kind of weather, bad or otherwise.


• Wind and water resistance
• 2-in-1 design, glove converting to a mitten
• Reflective details for added safety
• Soft touch thumb
• Wrist pocket to tuck away hood


• Polyester shell
• Polartec® PowerStretch lining

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Long fingers & Not Super Warm

I have pretty long and narrow fingers, but these gloves are very tight on my fingers and there is a lot of extra material at the end of my finger. I have been wearing them for over a month now and they are starting to fit a little better. My hands are usually pretty warm while I am running, but I would not recommend these gloves on a day below 20 degrees. The mitten cover is good against wind and water though. A mitten version of these would be nice.

Skinny long fingers

After misplacing my power move mittens, I decided to try out these gloves with the windproof mitt. The fingers are tight and really long.. I feel like they're designed for Jack Skellington. There's enough space at the tip for another finger joint! Like another review mentioned, the fingers are super narrow and tight. If I saw this in store first, I wouldn't have bought it. Otherwise I love all the other thoughtful details! Like the fleece thumb for wiping one's nose, the pocket to stuff the windproof jacket into, the windbreaker that easily hooks over the fingers to provide protection, and the grippy bird print.


Great quality! The fingers seems really long, so if you have long fingers, they'll be perfect

Great design but flawed

I bought a pair of these last year. Absolutely loved them but lost them. I replaced them last week and while the design is the same—light warmth from the gloves and a brilliant windbreaker-style mitten cover—the cut of the gloves is awful. The fingers are extremely tight and uncomfortable. I have long thin fingers and these are so tight they are uncomfortable after 15 minutes of walking my dog. A long run is not in their future.