The super shorts that started it all. Rogas turn 14 this year, and she’s sprouted wings into a full collection of shorts. Colors, prints, lengths, pockets… the Roga family is flying into 2021. To celebrate, we asked our friends and teammates who love them most. As always, the athletes wear them best!

“Rogas were the first short I was ever able to wear confidently and without chafe. Rogas changed me from a running skirt lady to full-time shorts” -Kara Clark

“My current Roga collection is 12+ pairs strong and they’re my go-to for everything from marathons to picnics in the park.” -Katie Ahrens

“My first race ever in November 2013. The Rogas helped me feel comfortable running because the pockets could hold my inhaler and cell phone, which as an exercise induced asthmatic was key to getting me to finally hit the pavement.” -Ally Reid



“I may have raced in something else but Rogas, but my photostream begs to differ.” -Cory Benson

“They were a maternity dream—grew with me through all 3 trimesters. I think I even wore them to the hospital? So comfortable.” -Morgan Greene

“Rogas were my very first Oiselle purchase and I’ve been hooked since.” -Maeluen Grunman

“Rogas hold a special place in my heart! Not only were they my first Oiselle purchase, but they are also the shorts that made me like wearing shorts again!” -Nancy Kozicki

“Rogas are my go-to for summer adventures in the woods!” - Ashley Cossairt



“I loved the fit and style of the original Rogas, the Rogas that came after those, and the Summer Rogas, but the ability to carry my phone, my keys, a credit card, money, a gel, and now a little bottle of hand sanitizer makes these absolute perfection.” - Roslyn

I found my forever running shorts. They’re the perfect length and the mesh pockets in front are perfect for holding my phone while I use the zipper for keys, credit card, etc, whatever else I need to carry. Phone doesn’t bounce or fall out, and it doesn’t pull the shorts down either.” - Jen

“I picked up a pair of Roga's last summer and they quickly became one of my favorite pair of running shorts. Liner fits without either a wedgie or lines on the ass, leg length hits that good length of "long enough to feel covered but short enough to let my legs breathe." - Lindsay

“These shorts have seen soo many miles! I wore them training for a marathon and on Marathon Day! They never rode up and no chaffing experienced. Also I wore these throughout my pregnancy and they fit up until my due date! They fit perfectly below the belly.” - Brittany



“This was my first purchase from Oiselle and I've bought multiple more pairs of rogas since then. These shorts are more flattering than any other athletic shorts I've worn. The length is perfect - long enough not to chafe, short enough for your legs to feel free. I've been converted!” - Maggie

“I feel like a million bucks in these shorts.” - Kelly G

“Finally a pair of shorts that fit! To be honest, I’ve debated buying these for over a year, but now I realize that I’ve been missing out this whole time! Looks like I’m going to order another pair ASAP!” - Emilee Stevens

“Best shorts ever! Absolutely LOVE the bright colors!!!! Super flattering shorts, even on 49 year old legs” - Heather



“Where have these been all my life? I have very large/strong thighs and have struggled with chafing over the past 10 years as a runner. I ordered these and that was the best running decision I have ever made! No more chafing, my legs feel free, and I'm so happy with these shorts. I will never run in any other shorts again! Thank you Oiselle!” - Polley

“These shorts run fast and furious!” - Jane Grey

“I love the extra length on the long roga. It gives extra coverage for those of us curvy ladies that have thigh chafing without it. And through the magic of Oiselle, they don't ride up.” - Kay

“I love these shorts so much. They don't ride up so there's chafing for those of us with larger thighs. These are so comfortable and the pockets are perfect. I want three more pairs.” - Aubree



“I just bought my first pair of Long Rogas this summer, after a lifelong struggle to find running shorts that didn't ride up/chafe AND fit at the waistband. Thank you, Oiselle, for being true to size AND for improving your options for all body types.” - Amy

“I now have 5 pairs of these shorts and they are the best. I have thick thighs from genetics, lots of squats, and cookies -- the length keeps me comfortable during a run, a walk, or a bootcamp. They are also pretty flattering. These are my go-to shorts!” - Susan

“These shorts are the unicorn shorts for those of us with large thighs. These shorts are what I have been searching for, for years! They are loose but not too loose, and long enough they don't ride up. No chafing!” - Kara

“These are literally the ONLY shorts I have found that do not ride up while I'm running. I am thick of thigh, and I have a hell of a time finding running shorts. I had pretty much given up on shorts altogether. The Long Rogas are extremely comfortable and flattering.” - Fallon

Rachel Kristjanson
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