You may have seen the Oiselle running wedding dress in the pages of your October Runner’s World. Perhaps you’ve even seen the video of the Oiselle Running Wedding Dressrunning wedding dress going for a jog around Green Lake Seattle, just steps from the Oiselle office. And maybe you thought to yourself, "Cute, but would someone really get married in a marathon...and in a technical, wicking running wedding dress?" The answer is yes and yes. The Runaway Bride Dress will make its racing debut this Sunday in the New York City Marathon!

Less than two weeks ago we got a phone call from New York. Nina Parks had seen the Runaway Bride dress and wanted to wear it in the NYC marathon on November 7th. She and her husband, Mark, will be renewing their vows at mile 17. Now, this dress is one of a kind. Literally. We just have one right now. There was no time for adjustments or a fitting. Just enough time to send that beautiful running wedding gown off to the big apple to see if it was Nina Park’s Cinderella slipper. Luckily it was! It fit perfectly.

The Bride and Groom
Nina Parks and Mark Taylor were married ten years ago at the 17th mile of the New York CIty Marathon, in front of their Manhattan home and hundreds of marathon spectators. The ceremony was 15 minutes long. The bride wore white running tights and top with a train of tulle flowing from her waist and a veil. The groom wore black  running tights, white wicking shirt, a bow tie and what appears to be a white fanny pack.

The New York City Marathon was the perfect place to say their vows. It’s where they met just one year before while waiting for a race shuttle to take them to the starting line. Mark proposed in September of 2000. They planned their race day dream wedding in just two weeks!

Nina and Mark Marry at NYC Marathon

Now, ten years later they will run the legendary New York City Marathon together to renew their vows. I’m sure Nina will look stunning in her Oiselle running wedding gown. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

There are so many stories that make up a marathon, of hard work, beating the odds, triumph, heartbreak and now, true love. Congratulations on ten years together, Nina and Mark! And here’s to the miles to come!

See more pictures of Nina and Mark's New York City Marathon wedding at our Facebook page and on Flickr.