Once upon a springtime marathon, Eugene 2011 to be exact, two important paths crossed: women with food (Lauren and Steph launching Picky Bars) and women with clothes (@oiselle_mac and team). Like chocolate and peanut butter, good things were bound to happen. At the time, we were just starting our fangirl nation, and as always, meeting heroes is a huge rush. Lauren and Steph...they ate food and wore t-shirts just like us! Steph had just run her marathon PR of 2:29 a few months prior, and Lauren was rockin' the track, headed toward her 5000m Worlds' Team and NYCM debut later that year. We appropriately plied each other with warm hellos and free product, and although no one knew it at the time, two very important relationships had begun. 


Fast forward to the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2012, where Mac and Lesko and I went to cheer and cowbell and make crazy signs for our marathon heroes. I still vividly remember Steph, heroic and tough, fighting every step of the way, even on a day that would not meet her highest goal. But as we continued to follow her, we continued to see that fight, and that ability to throw down when it counts. And we could see Steph was someone who understood how to create a pro running life, with the balance of competing, and earning a living, and having a family, and giving back. 


This is why I'm so pumped to officially announce that Stephanie Bruce is joining Oiselle as one of our top pros! And like everyone we seek to work with, her story goes far beyond her stats, although these are displayed below so you can be wowed by Steph's record. (Name alert! Steph is married to Ben Bruce, and after being Stephanie Rothstein Bruce for a while, the latest word from her is that she's embracing the simpler Stephanie Bruce.)


In addition to her racing cred, Steph and Ben have something awesome going in Flagstaff. Ben, himself a national class marathoner and steeple chaser, has been dominating the roads since they had their baby Riley in June. Definitely check out the good energy coming from the training groups down there, including Steph and Ben's coaching and Steph's training group, the Northern Arizona Elite, aka NAZ Elite. Just a great group of people and athletes.


The Bruces are also growing community - and are incredibly active at a ton of races and events - not only competing, but doing talks, leading warm ups, getting down with the Picky Bar community, and just being positive people in the sport! In addition, Steph and Ben coach a significant number of Oiselle athletes; women who have improved their performances and runner strength by following Steph and Ben's program. 

Caitlin Comfort
Allison Maxson
Julie Shultz
Jess Clarke
Emilia Benton
Sarah "Mac" Robinson

It all feels connected, and it is. So thank you for making it official with us Steph! We are thrilled and honored to have you on our team - and can't wait to continue cheering you on. So much good ahead! (And please check out Steph's blog: The Finish Line Starts With Oiselle)



Stephanie Bruce Highlights
2nd - US 10k Road Champs - 32:55 PR
4th - USA Half Champs
Top American - NY Half - 1:10:53 PR
3rd - US 15k Road Champs
1st - PF Changs Rock-n-Roll Half 

1st - Big Sur Marathon
3rd - US 20k Champs
8th - USA Olympic Trials 10k - 32:24 Track PR

track 5k - 15:49
track 10k - 32:24
road 5k - 15:59
road 10k - 32:55
road 20k - 67:59
13.1 - 1:10:53
26.2 - 2:29:35 - 2011 at Houston Marathon

Media inquiries please contact Shanna Burnette.

October 10, 2014 — jacquelyn scofield

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