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Twelve Oiselle Team runners will be relaying from Blaine to Langely, WA this weekend at Ragnar Northwest Passage. Some raced last year while others will be relaying for the first time, traversing along the beautiful countryside of the PNW. Read their best relay tips below and see what's getting Team "Bird Machine" jazzed up for #RagnarNWP!


Jess Graham

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How many times have you raced Ragnar NWP?
1st Ragnar NWP and my 1st relay!

What are you most excited about for running your first relay?
This is my first relay and I'm SO excited. My veteran teammates have told me how much fun Ragnar is and that even when it gets tough, having your teammates there to support and cheer you on is the best. I'm really looking forward to being able to run with both local teammates and those that I haven't yet met!

Best advice you've heard? 
I'm thinking I'll definitely need some van yoga in between my runs: Jasyoga Ragnar Reset.


Anne Riggin

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What are you most excited about for running your first relay?
First timer! I am excited to team with my daughter, Laurel Mathiesen and the others Birds to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Best “van-life” relay tip you've heard?
BYOTP - Bring your own toilet paper.


Laurel Mathiesen

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Why do you love Ragnar NWP?
This will be my 2nd time racing NWP with my Oiselle teammates. I love Ragnar because it gives a team aspect to a sport that can be very individualist. Growing up playing exclusively team sports, it is so fun to be in that team atmosphere again. It makes you work harder and be more passionate since 11 others are on the journey with you. I also love that this year my mom and best friend, Sophia are on the team. I don't get to see them often, so what better time to spend with people then running crazy amounts of miles in beautiful places?

What advice would you give your van-mates?
MAKE SURE YOU EAT. It is easy to forget, but SO essential for survival (We all know it's no fun to be around someone who is HANGERY)...


Paulette Ference

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What is special about Ragnar NWP?
This is my second time racing Ragnar NWP. I've done 4 Ragnar events, and NWP has the best course by far. There are many legs by water, over bridges, and in very scenic areas. It's gorgeous! 

What have you learned from your first time around? 
Bring layers and a variety of clothing because the temperatures fluctuate over the course of the event. I also pack an extra set of run clothes, a warmer option, in case the night time gets chilly.


Sophia Duluk

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Why do you love Ragnar NWP?
I have raced once before in 2013. Party Like a Flockstar placed second in the women's division. I love Ragnar NWP first because it is a chance for a running sleepover with some of my best friends from the Oiselle team. Second, there is nothing better than running under the stars, watching the little headlights in front of you crossing the silence of the night. Last year I had the sunrise leg and it was magical beginning in the darkness and emerging in a completely different place in the light. 

Any tips for your van-mates? 
Watch what you eat! Relays lead to really inconsistent and weird-food eating which upset my stomach last year. This year I plan to have more specific eating times to make sure I refuel properly between legs. 


Allison Camp

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What are you most excited about for running your first relay?
First time racing any of the Ragnars! I'm stoked to spend time with a bunch Oiselle ladies and get a healthy dose of PNW scenery! Also excited to escape the Southern summer humidity!

Best advice you've heard about living the "van-life"?
Bring plenty of shower pills and hand sanitizer!


Andrea Hallberg

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Why is Ragnar NWP a cool place to race?
This year I am Runner 11 and I get to run across Deception Pass Bridge! The course is GORGEOUS and Ragnar is like nothing I have ever experienced before: like a girls night, sleep away camp, raging party, oh and a RACE all thrown into one.  It makes running feel like a team sport - and not just among your own team, but all the teams out there.  Everyone is happy, excited, having fun and cheering each other on.  

Best “van-life” relay tip?
I learned last year that I needed to bring more savory and filling things - I'll still bring along my favorite banana bread for the group, but red vines, pb pretzels, and snacks get old FAST.  This year I'm packing at least one turkey sandwich, more salty chips and a big container of pasta salad (a tip I picked up from Another Mother Runner's Ragnar podcast).


Amanda Johnson

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Why are you excited to race Ragnar NWP? 
This will be my first! I’m excited to check this off my bucket list. I always loved running the 4x400m relay in school, and this is pretty much the same thing right? Give or take a few miles...

Best “van-life” relay tip you've heard?
If it’s important to you, write your name on it.


Lauren Fries

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What do you love most about Ragnar NWP?
I love talking books with my smart, well-read vanmates Andrea, Nolana, and Morena. Second place is having a good excuse to carry banana bread instead of Gu on my run. This will be my second Ragnar!

What advice would you give to your van-mates?
Practice #vanyoga, specifically legs up the van, and bring a sleeping bag.


Morena Newton



Why do you love Ragnar NWP?
Running Ragnar NWP last year (my first year) reminded me of some of the best parts of going to overnight sports camp when I was younger--building comaraderie through the shared experience of being together in a van for hours while relying on wipes to keep away post-run funk, trying to figure out what food will work best in between runs, and navigating unknown areas while on very little sleep.These are all of the things that I am looking forward to this year (though I do hope that I have the food situation figured out based on what I learned last year).

Best “van-life” relay tip?
Definitely pack each outfit in bags both so that everything is right where it needs to be and also to contain sweaty clothes to keep the van stink free. Also, take advantage of sleeping areas at exchanges when you can. It feels so good to get out of the van and stretch out on the floor of a high school gym. Doing so might give you the best 2-3 hours of sleep ever.


Nolana Newton



Why do you love Ragnar NWP?
I love the scenery. It's such a beautiful trek to run. This will be my second time! 

Best “van-life” relay tip?
Pack good food! Make sure to have something that can be used as a meal replacement such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We ran into food problems last year when we finished a leg at midnight and were unable to get a hot meal. The snack foods we had on hand were not enough. I was pretty hangry by the end.


Suzie Banzer

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Why do you love Ragnar NWP?
I love this race because of the beautiful course. This is my 6th time!

What advice would you give to your van-mates? 
Favorite tip, bring flip flops and large ziplock bags, for smelly clothes, I forgot my flips the first relay, had to wear tennis shoes whole time, yikes.  Sorry one more tip, download some zen like relaxing music, so when you are resting in gym or field, you can drown out the noise of peeps coming and going and rest":)

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