I just spent a decadent eight days in NYC. Fast. Noisy. Electric. As one of my soul cities, it was both business and indulgence as I got to attend the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit 10/27-10/28 and then flocked with all the birds running and cheering at The New York City Marathon, including Kara's return to the 26.2!

My journey in photos...


The WWD conference was inspiring, covering everything from wearable technology to modern retailing, online and in stores. I met some great people and overall, came away feeling good about Oiselle's current direction and strategy. The only downside was not getting to go outside for two days, even though Central Park was across the street!


ABC Home Kitchen. Got to eat lunch here with Sarah Robb O'Hagan, the CEO of Equinox. The food was insanely good. And Sarah is insanely smart. Loved learning about her story, their growth, and sharing our interest in sports, business - and what women are doing in both.


Met up with Kara on Thursday! Went to the Runner's World office for Q&A with editors, the media center at the expo, and just generally stalked her, I mean hung out with her (as she rocked everything Burgen, including our just released Katron Vest).


The women's elite field!


Kara showing me her first-name-only status and laughing while I scrunch myself against the window to take the pic.


The expo was big. New York big.


Art is everywhere in NYC. This installation honored journalists killed in the line of duty.


Halloween in NYC is extra spooky so I stayed home in my Yeti and Livinit Jacket. Monster selfie. (More on the Yeti this month...)


KMet arrived Friday! I was so happy to see her and shake off some big city loneliness.

On Saturday, KMet and I ran the Dash to the Finish Line 5K. It was cold, rainy and the start was slow. My time was ok. Somewhere between 19:20-19:40. Meh. No pic unfortunately. I was wearing the Kara Fan Tee and the Moto Lesley Tights, however, and I did get a big shout from someone, "Hey! Those are the moto! You better make it happen!!!" Indeed. 


Team meet up on Saturday! So great to see the birds, including Steph Bruce and Ben and Riley. In Oiselle fashion, we were a big and boisterous group. New York Running Company, a Oiselle dealer, was nice enough to let us use their lockers during the shake out run.


New flock member Julia showed up with these awesome prints she designed. One for everyone!


Race day! We headed to the finish line viewing area. Security was high but it didn't feel as military as last year.


The fancy pants viewing area. With the 20-30 mph gusts on the course, we were grateful for this space, allowing us to follow the televised lead pack. The finish line was steps away. It was plush, albeit removed from the energy of the streets.


Look mom, I'm on TV! (In the back in pink, behind Kara, Lauren, Kate and Shanna). Channel 7 did a great piece on Kara prior to the race.


With the wind, Kara planned to stick with the pack and try to save energy. Watching her stride out in this group was a huge high! GO KARA! (Back center in black headband and glasses)


New teammates! We crossed paths with new flock member, Kim Behrman, in the viewing area.


Kara battled hard on a day where there was no mercy, for anyone. In finishing 9 min off her goal, she was in good company with every woman out there who also saw +5-10 min added to their predicted times. Deena Kastor and Desi Linden also had gutsy races, fighting all the way home. For Kara, we just tried to send love and hugs through the wind! We were proud and honored by her no matter what. (Thank you to Amelia for getting this high quality pic!)

So many gals toughed out that wind! I was sad I didn't get to see more action out on the streets. It was fun to follow these women and know that they finished in the conditions. Fierce athletes, every one!

Oiselle Team Finishers
2:37:03: Kara Goucher - 14th/OTQ
2:54:09: Susan Empey - 2nd AG
3:55:33: Lisa Janssen
3:56:17: Jessica Lynn Malone
3:57:11: Catherine Haggarty
4:03:24: Kathy McGroddy-Goetz
4:15:27: Chloe Lasseron
4:21:13: Farron McIntee
4:34:40: Gabrielle Amara
4:35:36: Paulette Ference
4:48:35: Dori Gray
4:48:41: Jessica Holt
5:08:47: Prianka Nandy - PR
7:50:51: Mary Ropp


The cheer crew! Me, Bob Lesko and Shanna Burnette and Kristin Metcalf.


Time for a tiny bit of retail therapy at the Theory store.


I made sure Bob purchased something for Dr. Lesko who I pined for all week.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.34.13 AM.png

Thank you Skechers for hosting a super fun reception at your show room. We got to see lots of our fellow-Kara sponsors, and congratulate Meb on an incredible 4th place!


Colt says, "cmon mom! Let's go ride a train!" (At the Skechers party)


Two marathon women who need no introduction. Paula and Kara. 


Time to celebrate! Bob wasn't kidding when he said we take good care of the menfolk. Buddakan delivered!!!


The women of #NYCM weekend! From L to R, Lottie, me, Kara Goucher, Emma Coburn, Shanna Burnette and Abby Levene.


The next morning...time to get some coffee and head home! Thank you NYC, NYRR, Runner's World, Skechers Performance, Nuun, Soleus, the #oiselleteam women (both racing and cheering), Bob Lesko for indulging us in a celebration, and our crew from The Nest for making this an unbelievable event. We did it! New York to the max!

November 04, 2014 — jacquelyn scofield

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