Though your thermostat might beg to differ, spring WILL come. The air will warm. And new shoots and leaves will fill the trees. This season, we're celebrating new growth. Not only with the grass greens and pink-hued florals, but also with a moody richness that grounds us. Just like running grounds us... feet in the grass, head in the sky.

New Distance Shorts in Moody Floral + Flyte Tank in Fast Pink

Roga Shorts in Moody Floral + Flyout Tank in Fast Pink

Passport Dress in Moody Floral or Douglas Fir

Summer Roga Shorts in Douglas Fir + Flyout Long Sleeve in Fast Pink

Pocket Jogger Shorts in Douglas Fir  Flyout Short Sleeve  in Fast Pink + Runner Trucker in Moody Floral

Omazing 3/4 Tights in Douglas Fir + Passport Tank in Moody Floral


Crisp like winter sun in Seattle. Clear, light blues (Smoke, Cosmos) pair beautifully with passing clouds. Our clouds print, aka 'camo for birds,' is both light and tinged with rain at the same time. Just add Pop. Because Pop is the sporty bright that pairs with a surprisingly large number of colors. From neutrals to prints to pastels, it brings the heat.

Arrival Jacket in Smoke + Ballard Bra in Curfew + Mac Toolbelt Roga Shorts in Cloud Print

Passport Shirt Dress in Cloud Print + Hi Ten Bra in Pop

Strappy Bra in Pop + Flyout Shorts in Smoke

New Distance Shorts in Cloud Print + Flyout Tank in Curfew/Smoke

Passport Tunic in Cloud Print + Dark Denim 

Business Class Crew in Smoke + Roga Shorts in Curfew + Strappy Bra in Pop

Aero Tights in Curfew + April Shower's Anorak in Cloud Print


The crocus flower - typically all the shades of purple - is a brave heart. Small and groundcover level, she's not afraid to push out and be magnificent even when the temps are frigid. Like the snow that might fall at the same time, Epic Purple and White are an ideal combo, both rich and illuminating.

Pocket Jogger Shorts in Epic Purple + Flyout Tank in White/Black + Ballard Bra in Epic Purple

OG Distance Shorts in White + Flyte Long Sleeve in Epic Purple +  Runner Trucker in Pink Sunrise or Black Crest

Pocket Jogger Shorts in Epic Purple + Flyout Bra in White + Arrival Jacket in Black


Pale blue (Smoke, Cosmos) plus red (Blaze) is a combo that always wins. With Blaze, you get the heat and the vibrancy of ready-set-go, and then pair it with cool blues or light, lights (Sand, White) and it's that just right mix of fresh and vibrant.

Flyte Long Sleeve in Smoke + Flyte Shorts in Blaze

Business Class Hoodie in Sand

Summer Lux Short Sleeve in Sand or Smoke + Business Class Joggers in Blaze

Head Up Wings Out Long Sleeve in Sand

Flag Crest Long Sleeve in Sand


Who says black isn't a spring color? Our new and lightest version of Lux, in Black/Black, is lightened by its subtle mélange texture. Like a dark pool of water, it has depth. This inky darkness is the perfect foil for Pop, always bright and ready to roll. White can be the neutral go between, cooling down Pop or brightening up the Black.

Roga Shorts in Pop + Summer Lux Mile One in Black/Black + Strappy Bra in White/Pop

Summer Lux Short Sleeve in Black/Black + OG Distance Shorts in White 

Bum Wrap in Black + Strappy Bra in Pop

Toolbelt Roga Shorts in Pop + Hi Ten Bra in White

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