Fabrics and colors and textures, oh my!

Fall 18 has me stumped. I sit and play with all the styles and it's impossible to pick one or two favorite color stories. There are so many - especially with such a wide range of hot and cold, subtle and bold. And honestly, the wilder the better. The more personal, the more it's truly you. Maybe you always go rogue, and run to the beat of your own drummer (hi Dr. Lesko!), or you prefer the suggestions of a stylist (I do love advice on what looks great together). Either way, this blog can be ignored or embraced. It's all fun under the sun...can't go wrong with a rainbow of #flystyle.


Pink is the color of love and warmth, youth and passion. You can either embrace its girly roots, or redefine in a bold new way. This season's "Saturday" is a big, bold, unapologetic pink. Love it a lot? Visit our Saturday Shop.

Stone Big Stripe Tank + Saturday Flyte Long Sleeve + Burgen Pocket Jogger Capris

Black/White Flyout Long Sleeve + Stone Ballard Bra + Saturday Rogas

White Flyte Tank + Blaze Strappy Bra + Burgen Aero Capris


Red! It's hot, it's fast, it's bold, it's brazen. It's the color of blood and fire and hot, hot lava. It can be angry sometimes too, and that's okay. Red embraces our humanity - unabashed, for the world to see.

Blaze/Curfew Lux Short Sleeve + Burgen Pocket Jogger Capris

Blaze/Curfew Flyout Long Sleeve + Blaze Strappy Bra + Curfew Team Tights

Burgen Ballard Bra + Blaze/Curfew Mile One Pullover + Curfew Aero Tights


Blue is always the cool player. Simple, pure, calming; of sky and water, surrounding you with sweet air and the hydration pulsing through your run. It never fails - and doesn't even try hard.

Cosmos Kara Sweatpants + Curfew Hi Ten Bra + Black Big Stripe Tank

Smoke/Cosmos Flyout Short Sleeve + Granite Aero Tights

Curfew/Cosmos Lux Funnel Neck + Curfew O-Mazing Tights or Shorts


Lights and brights give all those saturated colors (and drawer full of black bottoms) a little breathing room. A visual pause, even when life is moving fast.

White Flyte TankStone Hi Ten BraCurfew Flyte Shorts

Black/Black Lux Short Sleeve + Girl Code Spandos

White Flyte Long Sleeve +  Stone Ballard Bra + Curfew Onna Print Rogas


Stripes are the spice of life. They add texture, color, visual play - to a serious world. They're the one item you can throw on that completes any look. The new Big Stripe Mock Neck! I confess, I'm in love.

Black Big Stripe Tank + Saturday Flyte Long Sleeve + Black O-Mazing Shorts

Stone Big Stripe Baselayer + Curfew Lux Bralette + Saturday Roga Shorts

Curfew Big Stripe Mock Neck + Black/Black Lux Tights



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August 20, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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