Recently, Bras for Girls had the opportunity to participate in Campowerment, a three-day camp for 12-14 girls sponsored by FitGirl, Inc. Campowerment offers the opportunity for girls to "become empowered to live healthy, empowering, mindful lives." Over the three days, the girls ride bikes, go paddleboarding, experience sunrise yoga, horseback riding, and also hear from various female leaders from around the great Nebraska area. One of the more popular speaker series is called "Bullied to Boss" and invites women to talk about their experiences with bullying and how they overcame it.

Oiselle and Bras for Girls presented on the final day of the camp. Carly and I, two of the leaders from the Nebraska + South Dakota Volée, helped a little under 90 girls find their right fit! We came prepared with a tape measure and the Bras for Girls booklets worked with the girls on how a sports bra should fit. There was some extra sizing available, so we were able to work with many of the girls to find the right fit. 


The girls came to us in several different groups, and we got to spend about 45 minutes with each one, talking about sports, the history of Oiselle, and why it's so important to wear clothes that support them as they move and grow. There was a restroom right behind our speaking area so we encouraged the girls to try everything on and ensure a good fit!

Several girls approached us after to ask more about Oiselle and where they could find it, since they loved the cuts, patterns, and fit. It was exciting to see these girls find their sports bra and understand how crucial it is to find clothing that makes them feel good, as well as be active.  We also led them through a few exercises where we asked them to think about how sports and being active makes them feel (a lot of the girls said "confident" or "strong" which was really cool!). 


Overall, it was so much fun to spend a day talking to girls about being active and how to be the best versions of themselves. It's a tough age to be so we hope Bras for Girls and Oiselle were able to help them feel like they are empowered to be fit and active as they continue to grow up!


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