Fantastic running shorts are the genesis of Oiselle. Of course, as you all know, and as I’ve learned from talking with and fitting and getting feedback from hundreds of women – there is no single pair of shorts that works for every runner.

Spring and Summer are for shorts. And Spring 19 is our best season to date. It started with updating the collection we’re best known for THE ROGA, and all its variations…

Fitted. Semi-fitted. Loose. Short. Mid-length. Long. Pocketed. Sleek. Printed. If you like shorts, I believe we’ll have one for you. Because we started at the bottoms, and now we’re here. 10+ years of shorts expertise that we’re thrilled to share with you all in hopes that you find something that works for your runs and races.

not too short, not too long... just right for just about any kind of run

ROGA SHORTS / 4" inseam / 1 pocket
New prints, new body and waistband fabrics, new large center back zip pocket, new colors, and an improved leg shape/opening. The Spring 2019 Roga Collection is by far our most significant update to our most popular shorts. For the full run down, check out our Re-Meet the Roga Blog.

SUMMER ROGA SHORTS / 4" inseam / 2 pockets
The Summer Rogas are beloved for our lighter weight Summer Roga™ fabric and slightly looser fit. This season, we improved the waistband design, including a new simple center back mesh pocket that holds all the things.

TOOLBELT ROGAS / 4" inseam / multi-sectioned waistband pockets
The Toolbelt Roga… for the Roga lovers who want maximum pocket-age. We got you. The same fit you know and love – but with a new 360 Waistband Pocket system that offers both zippered and mesh pockets for easy access.

*currently sold out but will make a return!

FLYOUT SHORTS / 3.5" inseam / 2 pockets
We simplified the Flyout Shorts design this year, moving the handy zippered pockets to the front of the shorts. Made from the same body fabric as the Summer Rogas, these remain a favorite among those who want a classic run-shorts style.

OG DISTANCE SHORTS / 3.25" inseam / 2 pockets
They’re back! These shorts have a strong following. They’re loved for their classic look and their stealth pockets. The 100% poly woven body fabric also brings it, with vibrant color, ready to rock any long run or race.

NEW DISTANCE SHORTS / 3.75" inseam / 2 pockets
With our beautiful new prints of 2019: Moody Floral and Clouds, the New Distance Shorts are updated just slightly, with a wider waist opening. Same two zippered pocket convenience for all the miles.

POCKET JOGGER SHORTS / 4.75" inseam / 5 pockets
A fan favorite! Because these shorts feel great, look good, and carry anything you might want to bring on a run. Bring your phone! Drop in your fuel! Stash you lip balm, credit card, or small pocket knife. Better yet, experience the minimal ride-up of the legs. A five pocket shorts design never felt so comfortable.

*currently sold out but will make a return!

OG ROGAS / 3.5” inseam / 1 pocket
Featherweight athletic mesh + our original Roga design = complete leg freedom. These classic running shorts are the perfect choice for hot and humid runs. Feel the breeze, feel the run.

JUNE BLOOM SHORTS/ 4” inseam / no pockets
Run with the roses! June Bloom shorts have a beautiful mid-rise, with a wide, color-blocked band. Same fit and feel as our prior season’s Spandos Stride Shorts.

for those that like to go short and spicy

MAC ROGAS / 1.75" inseam / 1 pocket
A short short, yes. But not a spandex booty short. The Mac Rogas allow our legs to go completely free, but we get the more comfortable, semi-fitted coverage up top. Named after OG Oiselle believer Sarah “Mac” Robinson who always did... like em short.

Design team note: We’ve observed that the Mac Rogas (or any Rogas for that matter) have become quite popular as swim bottoms. The fabric is durable and can easily hold up in chlorine, the ocean, alpine lakes, you name it. If you’re not a swimsuit lover, try em!

MAC TOOLBELT ROGAS / 1.75” inseam / 5 pockets
The women ask and they shall receive! Turns out short short lovers love pockets too, so we took our 360 Waistband Pocket system and gave it the Mac Roga length. Fill those pockets and hit the road!

*currently sold out but will make a return!

KARA SHORTS/ 2.5” inseam / 1 pocket
Kara has a strong love for the short short, but we wanted to tackle a few common complaints about compression shorts, namely that they ride up in the front and back. So we combined a standard inseam and front leg shape that accommodates the leg lift of running with a lower inseam around the back of your legs for maximum coverage. Unique design paired with a large center back pocket, and owl artwork – that’s the magic of the Kara Shorts!

AERO SHORTS/ 3” inseam / 1 pocket
Similar to the old favorite, Portman Shorts, these are go-to shorts for speed – whether it’s a track workout, race, or upbeat tempo. Made of our Nyelle Compression, the Aero Shorts are soft and stretchy, comfortably moving with you each stride. Large center back pocket for stashing fuel, keys, or cards.

JUNE BLOOM MINI SHORTS/ 2” inseam / no pockets
For the love of short shorts and summer roses, these are your get-up-and-go pants. Made with the lightest compressive fabric, Plya Interlock, you may already know and love from our Spandos Collection. The floral pattern is easy to pair with any color and hides sweat like magic.

FLYTE SHORTS / 2.25" inseam / no pockets
A Oiselle seamless original! The Flyte Shorts are simplicity in itself. Made from a beautiful, seamless knit, they go on comfortably and then relax and warm up with the run.

Design team note: we took advantage of the seamless knit process to drop stitch the classic flock of birds into the side

whether you're tall, or appreciate the room for additional pockets, wear them for other activities, or just prefer more coverage - we got your long shorts solutions!

LONG POCKET JOGGER SHORTS / 8.25" inseam / 5 pockets
With these shorts it’s all about maximum mobility, maximum comfort, without the bulk. Five amazing pockets – including one on each leg (lefties rejoice) and a secure center zip pocket for a phone, etc. Now available in size 14.

LONG ROGAS / 6" inseam / 2 pockets
A crowd pleaser. A miles runner. A gym-, hike-, and walk-goer. Updated in new colors (Pop!) and prints (Moody Floral, Clouds) for the current season. Available in size 14.

O-MAZING LONG SHORTS / 9" inseam / mulit-sectioned waistband pockets
The “biker shorts” trend might be hot in 2019, but comfort, coverage, mobility and pockets - are even hotter. The O-Mazings are simple and functional and ready to take on almost any kind of activity. The 360 Waistband design means you can easily carry your items, back or front. Available in size 14.

LONG FLYTE SHORTS / 5" inseam / no pockets
Simple, easy, no fuss. Same as the regular Flyte Shorts, we took advantage of the seamless, knit process to drop stitch the classic flock of birds into the side of the garment. We love how they become more visible as they’re stretched onto the body.

LONG FLYOUT SHORTS / 6" inseam / 2 pockets
All the room to move and run and fly, and that extra length that helps you feel covered at all times. This season’s Long Flyout Shorts are updated slightly, with the two zippered pockets moving to the front.


All dressed up! We’re thrilled to introduce two new dresses in our beautiful seasonal prints, and vivid Douglas Fir… meet The Passport Dress, and The Passport Shirt Dress. Made from our Breeze Woven means it’s easy to wash, dry, wear, travel, work or leisure. Versatility is queen.

Looking for a shorts + skirt combo? We (re)present you with the Bum Wrap. With shorts that are intended to show, lower than the hem line of the skirt, it’s the ideal combo of sporty compression and coverage (built in shorts) with movement and flow (skirt). Includes our new waistband zippered pocket for stashing your goods.

Okay friends, keep those bottoms moving! See you out there!