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long flyte shorts

long flyte shorts

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Product Details

These babies have the same wide knit waistband construction as the Flyte Shorts, but with a longer inseam. Designed to be worn as shorts, but easily wearable under other layers, Long Flyte Shorts are the ideal seamless style. Our classic bird flock adds a bit of branding - and bird levity!

- Arque™ Compression  (polyester/nylon/elastane)
- seamless compression short
- wicking + anti-odor treatment
- bird + oiselle graphic knit at right side of leg
- 5" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
24 reviews

true to size

little bit loose
  • Seattle
  • 45
  • 5'11"
  • more than 1 year(s)


I bought these because I needed something to wear under running shorts, that are consistently too short for my tall frame with a booty (I'm 5'11"), and because I love the rest of the Flyte collection. Also, because I love the blaze color and deeply regret missing it on the shirts.

The material is nice and seamless, as expected. Comfy. The waist band is super comfortable, not too high (I do wish it was a tad lower but that's not an issue). The length is great for my usage.

They run big, so in my regular size 6, there is no compression (not sure if they're supposed to have compression?) and they feel juuust on the verge of being too large, but not quite. In short, I barely feel like I'm wearing them (which is good). However, the back of the waistband is lower than the front on me, because, well, I have a booty.

I wore them on a short run, under a pair of rogas that I bought at the same time. They worked great. They didn't move, didn't ride up, and didn't bother me. I like the flash of color. It's a bit of a too-many-layers syndrome, worn like that, but the flyte shorts are the best for this, since the waist band is very flat and they have seamless construction.

I wouldn't wear them on their own, though. Maybe it's the fact that i'm not built like a runner, maybe it's the fact that they aren't black, or the fact that I can barely feel them. YMMV!

I wish Oiselle would come up with a 2-in-one short. In the meantime, these are a great alternative, and I will definitely enjoy wearing them at home on a hot day too.

  • Material, flat waistband, barely-there feel. Don't ride up.
  • Looks a bit like underwear on me, and I wish they had more compression. Run large.
true to size
  • Memphis
  • 31
  • 5'5"

Best Pregnant Running Shorts

These shorts were exactly what I was looking for. They have plenty of stretch for my growing belly and the length is long enough to prevent chaffing. They are very thin which is great for the summer heat.

true to size
  • Illinois
  • 5
  • 7


I am not a tight shorts person... always self conscious, but wanted to try these since they're longer, and I surprisingly love them so far! Tried a quick 2.5 miles on the treadmill and neither the waistband or the bottoms of the shorts moved at all the whole 2.5 miles. Great material, no crazy seams. I'm 5'7 145 lbs, athletic build, and got a small - fit perfectly

  • No moving
  • Nothing yet
true to size
  • Newtown, PA
  • 39
  • 5'6.5"

Love, love, love

Agreed to try compression shorts after losing all my groin skin in a 70.5 running race. My coach suggested these but I resisted because I have a small waist but am very "hippy". Now I have two pairs! They are very lightweight and even if the hem moves up a little it doesn't bother me. Also, the key is they are COMPLETELY seamless especially the waist band so I don't get any chafing. They also don't look too long which I was worried would be less attractive on me. 5'6.5" and 130 lbs and small size is good.

  • Lightweight, no pockets, high waist, not too compressive
  • The birds can looks like salt stains
little bit loose
  • Connecticut
  • 38
  • 5'2

So amazing-- buying more

I love these shorts so much. I was skeptical of them not having any "grippy stuff" (technical term) on the inside to keep them from riding up but they don't ride!!! This summer humidity is NO JOKE and these shorts stay put, don't chafe and are seriously awesome. I want to try them in the blue but worry how they will look with sweat marks? They've been amazing for my long runs while marathon training-- they might even be my race shorts come fall.

  • Length, feel
  • No pockets
little bit loose
  • Michigan
  • 45
  • 5’5”

Love these shorts!

I have never been able to wear tight fitting shorts. I have muscular thighs and they always ride up and give me “sausage legs”. I am training for my first ultra was having some issues with chafing. I bought these hoping they would be different, and they are! I took a chance and wore them for the first time on a 13 mile run yesterday and they were so great I wore them again the today for 23 miles. They run a little big, but are very comfortable and NO chafing. They are really light and were the only thing that was dry when I finished. They rode up a little after 20 miles but very minor and I will be wearing these a ton going forward.

  • Comfortable, light, and no chafing.
runs large

Long Flyte Shorts

I’ve never been able to wear shorts for running. Even with all the Bodyglide in the world, I couldn’t deal with my thighs rubbing. Finally, shorts I can wear!! These stay put - they don’t ride up in the front and they are long enough to prevent thigh rub. I’m 5’6 and about 150lbs. I originally ordered a medium, but returned them for a small. They seem to be a bit big.

  • Length
  • Wish there was a drawstring waist band
little bit loose
  • Oregon
  • 37
  • 5'7"
  • more than 2 year(s)


I was very optimistic about these shorts because they received so many positive reviews, however my experience was entirely different. First I will list the things I do like, the fabric is soft and feels very comfortable on the skin. They are light weight and good for got weather. Now, the cons... First, fit. They run large. According to the size chart, I should be a small. I purchased a small and there is extra fabric in the crotch and waistband. It meant that the shorts either felt like they were falling down, or I had to hike them up, which made them shorter on the legs, which is exactly what I didn't want. I purchased the long version to have more thigh coverage to prevent chaffing. Next, they ride up. They don't ride all the way up and become booty shorts, but they ride up enough that I chaffed very badly on my 30 mile run. I do not recommend them, unless you are able to try them on in a store first. Very disappointed.

  • Light weight and comfortable fabric
  • Got, riding up, bunching fabric, no pockets
true to size
  • vermont
  • 5'5''

love these shorts!!

These shorts are wonderful. They are so soft and do not bunch. I wore them for a trail marathon and many long runs this summer. The fabric is wonderful. The medium was slightly large on me but I just rolled the top down and they worked perfectly. I'm 5'5'' and just over 130lbs. The length is perfect. Not too short and not too long.

  • so comfortable and no bunching
true to size

Please dont ever stop making these

Like so many others, I think I've tried just about every kind of shorts out there in the search for something that didn't ride up, didn't chafe or bunch, and was comfortable for long distances. I had given up ever being able to run a marathon in shorts (I usually wear capris) until I found these. I love them so much. Please don't ever discontinue these!
I'm 5'6" and around 130 pounds and the small works well. The medium also works.

  • Comfortable, soft, light, does not promote camel toe
true to size
  • Silver Spring, MD
  • 26
  • 5'1

FINALLY - tight shorts for big thighs

I have never been able to wear fitted running shorts until these. No matter what length, all fitted shorts somehow ride up to underwear length. These ride a tad but then stay put at a nice, no-chafing length. I even wore them over a wet suit for a triathlon bike and run leg and they were perfect. Please don't ever stop making these!!

  • They don't ride up!
  • Need more fun colors
true to size
  • DC
  • 25
  • 65

LOVE these Shorts!

I have always, always had a problem with shorts riding up. Regular shorts, athletic shorts, if they're shorter than knee-length, they're going to ride on me. After losing a bunch of weight in the past year, I had been really discouraged by the fact that most running shorts aren't intended for people who chafe easily. Enter, these shorts. I tried them on a whim, and I am a convert. I seem to only have issues with chafing when it's incredibly humid - 99% of the summer, they were perfect. They don't ride, they don't chafe, and there is just enough give in the spandex of the fabric to allow for a small waist and big thighs.

I'm 5'5", 145 lbs, and I wear a medium.

  • Everything.
true to size

Most comfortable shorts

No matter how much I run or sweat, these shorts feel amazing. I love the length and I find the cut super flattering in black. I am normally too self-conscious to run in tight shorts, but these gave me the confidence to hit the trails in them. Love them!

true to size


I LOVE these shorts. No budge, no chafe over 26.2. These shorts are flattering on giant muscly thighs and so comfortable you forget you're wearing pants which is the best compliment you can give any running apparel!

true to size

Did not move-sooo comfy!

I wore these for the first time today in my first marathon. Most of the race was run in the rain and these shorts stayed in place, and did not allow for one bit of chaffing even when they were completely soaking wet. I'm a convert! Btw, I'm 5'5", 133 lbs. and I bought the mediums, which felt great.

Great for Strong (Big) Thighs!

I got a size small and am 5'3 and 125 pounds with most of that being in the lower half. I have big soccer player legs! These shorts did not ride up anywhere at all during a 10k race. They also prevented any chaffing and looked good. I also like the waistband because it is high enough to cover the love handles and tummy pooch but can also be rolled down for those that don't need/want that coverage. Great shorts and I will be getting more!

Fantastic shorts - NO chafe!

I did a 14.5 mile run in these shorts this morning in the heat and humidity of Barbados.
They did not ride up at all, were unbelievably comfortable and for the first time in ages, got no chafe.
I LOVE them and will buy more.

true to size

What I've Been Looking For!

I've tried many kinds, and brands, of compression shorts and none come even close to these! I bought a Small (132 lbs and size 4 in pants) and they fit perfectly. Went for an 8 mile run and they didn't move at all. I like my shorts a bit longer and these were awesome. Score! And they are super comfortable. I'll be getting more! Thanks Oiselle :)

true to size

great shorts!

I've have these in medium, love them! I weight train in them, run in them, sweat a lot in them. The fabric is very soft, not too heavy, not so thin that your skin shows through, the legs ride up a bit, but not annoyingly so. Shows off muscular legs! I dont have any chafing anywhere when I sweat, they wash and dry well, and the price, well, I will be buying more of these! Thank you, Oiselle ladies!

true to size

awesome shorts that don't ride up!

These are lightweight and not too tight AND they didn't ride up at all or give me a wedgie. I really like the high-ish waist and the material, which feels like it's high quality. The shorts land about halfway down my thigh (5'7", 140 lbs and got a medium) but I pulled them up a bit and even doing that didn't feel funky or make them ride up my butt.

true to size

Love these shorts - inseam longer than 4"

I bought these shorts because they looked longer than a 4" inseam and I'm happy to report that they are around 5.5" inseam. I love a longer inseam to prevent chafing and these have become my favorite oiselle short. They don't ride up and they're very comfortable.

true to size

They are here to stay!

In more ways than one. I tried them on an 8 mile run the day I got them, then in a half marathon four days later. First, definitely here to stay, no issues moving around or tugging, I am happy to keep them and wish I could wear them all day! Second, there is a seam on the butt, you can see it in the picture of the green shorts, it sort of annoyed me at first but didn't irritate or chafe. Third, the waist band is high, almost to me belly.button, but they are not as long as I anticipated, and I do really like the length they are. I am 5'9", 135 pounds, and I ordered the medium.

true to size

Perfect shorts

I love these shorts. They are compressive but not too much, the material is soft and wonderful, and they stay in place during the longest of runs. I initially tried the regular Flyte short, which was a little too short for me and had a tendency to creep up. As a result, I ordered the long Flyte short, they are a little longer than I like but at least they stay put and prevent chafing. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a little more coverage in a compression short.

true to size


At 5'9 and 140 pounds, my running shorts started riding up on long runs. I decided to give the long flyte shorts a try. I wore them on several short runs of 5 miles. No problems. This morning I wore them on a 14 mile run in hot, humid conditions. I loved them! I will be ordering another pair. The mediums fit great (but I don't have much booty).

true to size

Perfect for this mother runner

I loved the short flyte shorts but found they started riding up a bit after I gained some weight during pregnancy. Was thrilled to see a longer inseam on these and gave them a shot. They are definitely a must-have for me as a pregnant runner beginning my third trimester. They never ride up my (generous) thighs and I have even been able to pull the waistband up over my maternity support belt. They are simply perfect. I am typically a medium in Oiselle shorts and the medium in these still fits great.

true to size

Long Flyte Shorts Rock

I've never owned a pair of compression shorts and thought I'd give these a try. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I did a sprint session in them and they stayed in place. The material is soft and I did not have to mess with them throughout the entire run. No pulling or tugging. I'm 5'4" and weigh approximately 130 pounds. I'm one happy runner with these shorts.

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