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flyte shorts

flyte shorts

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So many fans of the Flyte Short! And it's understandable... they stretch and move like no other, they're simple - with no bulk, and they last like a long run. Which is why we brought them back! The only change is adding our classic bird flock to the side of the leg in a very subtle drop stitch knit (integrated in the garment). Flyte is always ready for flight!

- Arque™ Compression (polyester/nylon/elastane)
- seamless construction
- wicking + anti-odor treatment
- bird + oiselle graphic detail know in right side of leg
- 2.25" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
24 reviews

little bit tight

true to size
  • Indiana
  • 24
  • 5'8"

Spend your money elsewhere

As an avid Oiselle wearer, these shorts are really disappointing. I have an older pair of these and they are thicker fabric and are absolutely amazing. They have held up through hundreds of workouts and washes-however these new ones do not. The fabric is so thin that you can see lady parts through it while you are stretching! They look pretty, but I will not be recommending them to my fellow runners. I even ordered another pair just to see if the ones I got were defective and they were the exact same. Please bring back the old kind!

  • The color and bird pattern
  • Thin fabric, low compression, ride up
true to size
  • San Francisco
  • 32
  • 5'8

Flimsy fabric

These were a decent size and length but I am disappointed that the fabric is quite thin. At this price, I was expecting a slightly thicker and more durable fabric that would stay put. Will not be ordering again.

  • Length
  • Fabric
  • Florida
  • 26
  • 5'2


I bought these in a size Medium, the crotch area was baggy and the shorts felt a little loose. They were pretty comfortable and I don't think they would ride up. Decided to try to the Small size instead and they fit perfect! But this time, the smalls definitely ride up on me. My thighs touch, I am 125 lbs and 5'2 with narrow hips. I seem to fit somewhere awkwardly between a small and medium in these shorts. I still love the print and look on them. Great for shorter distances, but I'm not sure I'd like them for long runs.

  • Print, material
  • Sizing is a little awkward, shorts could be an inch longer
little bit loose
  • Oregon
  • 30
  • 5'1"

Comfortable + Versatile

I'm really happy with these - I even purchased a second pair. I love the comfortable, wide waistband and the smooth, seamless design. This season's branding and cute birdies are a bonus! I'm a size 2/xs in Oiselle bottoms and found these to be just a bit on the larger side if anything. There's just a bit extra fabric and it's not quite as "tight" or compressive as I was expecting, but not a problem - they are super comfortable for running and yoga! When I want to feel more "hugged in" - I go with my Spandos Shorts!

  • Comfortable, Versatile, Flattering
  • Nothing - just know they're not super compressive in fit/feel
true to size
  • Brookfield, WI
  • 30
  • 5' 8"
  • more than 2 year(s)

So comfy!

these shorts are amazingly comfortable..the fabric is soft and there are no sticky parts like other compression shorts have to keep them to your legs (which never work anyway). i am 5' 8", 135-140# and went with a medium so my thighs didn't look too squeezed. they fit great, though the waist band is ever so slightly big.

  • fabric, in-seam length
  • waistband is a bit loose
true to size
  • Seattle, WA
  • 36
  • 5'2
  • more than 3 year(s)

my new favorite shorts

I ordered a pair in black and navy on sale as I am transitioning over to more compression shorts and I LOVE these. I wore the black pair in a S on an hour long trail run and I think I prefer these over my normal trail shorts! The shorts did ride up a little, but nothing to noticeable or anything that made me feel like I was showing people the goods. I'm glad these are still on sale so I can order more!

  • fit -- the high waist to hide my belly
  • legs ride up a bit if your thighs rub together
runs large
  • Glens Falls
  • 34
  • 5' 7"
  • more than 3 year(s)

A little baggy

I am typically a small or 4-6 in other shorts (distance shorts, Lori shorts, stride shorts) but I ordered the small in these and found them to be saggy and baggy. I was expecting a stay-put compressive fit but the legs rolled up, and the waist/crotch sagged like a pair of cotton leggings. I do wish they were longer to keep the legs in place, and with a more compressive fit in the waist to keep them from falling down.

  • Color, fabric weight, seamless
  • Length, Loose waistband
true to size
  • Colorado Springs
  • 24
  • 65

Indigo Flyte Shorts

Finally a pair of shorts that don't ride up! They are a nice length, too. I also love that there is no tag to irritate my skin. I will definitely be ordering more!

  • They don't ride up, and I don't feel uncomfortable in them if I have run a quick errand in them after a run.
  • There is no XS size.
true to size

Comfy shorts

I like these shorts. They definitely are high on the waste but that works well for my extra belly fat. The length is perfect and I haven't had any problems with them riding up during runs.


HOT pants!

I bought these on a whim after trying the long flyte shorts. At 5'11" this is basically almost a pair of undies. YET. When it is 85 degrees and 90% humidity and you've got training to do, self consciousness basically flies out the window. I put these on for my run today and didn't overheat. They wick sweat really well. Yes, they're booty shorts if you're tall. Yes, my cellulite was hanging out for the world to see, No, I didn't really care. :) Not when a garment can help me feel like I'm not gonna heat stroke! I will keep reaching for these all summer long. Like everyone else I do wish they had a waistband pocket, le sigh....


perfect summer shorts

really love these shorts—can't believe i almost returned them when i first got them! They fit snug but not too tight on me. I'm 5'7" 125 with a small waist and larger bum so the size Small works really well for me. I'm surprised there is not an XS. my only worry is that these shorts won't last too long.

little bit loose

Comfy Shorts

I'm 5'6", 122 lbs, and have a small in these shorts. They are very comfortable, but I also have an issue with them riding up while running. In all fairness, I've never had a pair of these type of shorts that didn't ride up. The "seamless" feel does help. I wonder if riding up is a sizing issue. Perhaps I should have ordered an xsmall. It would be great if Oiselle had sizing suggestions that indicated how a particular piece should fit.

true to size

Love but add a pocket!

Super comfy shorts that stay in place with no chafing. I love that they're not too tight. They fit just right! My only suggestion is to add a small pocket in back for a key and goo. I'd like to wear these for my next marathon but need to carry some sports beans with and have no where to put them!

little bit loose

Not for me

I was so excited to try these shorts out and had high expectations for them. I was very disappointed and wish I could return them. They DO NOT stay put like the description states. I was constantly pulling them down trying to cover my behind. Thank goodness it was a short run day otherwise I would have had to go home early...it was that annoying.

little bit loose


After reading so many positive reviews I was excited to order these shorts. The material is soft and the high waist band is comfortable. However, I experienced chafing because the shorts kept riding up. I felt uncomfortable during my run as I kept tugging at the fabric trying to pull it down.

  • more than 6 year(s)

Too big; too high-waisted

This was one of two items I ordered to try out Oiselle. Unfortunately, both items are going back. I was on the fence about these shorts--I liked how they looked on, but the small felt a bit too big around the thighs and waist. I also found the high waist kind of uncomfortable--on me, the band came almost all the way up to my belly button. I would have liked to try them out on a run to see how they performed--maybe it's just how they are intended to fit--but didn't want to be stuck with them if they didn't work out since only unworn, tags-on items can be returned. Might try again if an XS becomes available and Oiselle changes its return policy.

true to size

love these little babies!

I was first of all surprised at the fit of these...I thought they would be really tight fitting but they arent! The small fit me great. I also love the higher waist! Just tried them out on a short run and they were insanely comfortable....love how the fabric doesnt rub up against your skin. Great shorts!

runs small

Great shorts... but an XS?

At some point, I realized that I love doing speed workouts in itty bitty shorts. And treadmill workouts where I end up being drenched in sweat. These totally fit the bill. I don't mind the waistband being high — in fact I prefer it. The only thing is, at 5'6" and 115 lbs, the S is a bit too big. I've noticed this with other items from the Flyte collection, but it's harder with shorts because they just feel too loose. Something to think about.

runs small


These shorts are the best I've ever worn! Yes, they are short and the waistband is a little higher, but those are actually two things I love about them. The material is so soft, yet compressive enough. No muffin top. They feel like a second skin. I have worn them in short races and on long runs and they never ride up, perspiration doesn't show, and they don't chafe anywhere. I agree with others that they need a small pocket in the waistband . . . then they would be perfect! Make some leggings in this material for the winter, PLEASE!!!!

runs small

Comfortable and SHORT

I enjoy the flyte shorts but I do admit I always feel a little naked when I first start running in them. I don't mind the higher waistband so much-though I guess I do wish it were slightly shorter-I'm 5'1" and it hits me right below the belly button. Sometimes I fold it over, sometimes not. I do love that the waistband doesn't cut in at all.

These were not as compressive as I was thinking they would be-they are fitted, obviously, but not super snug. Pretty much as soon as I start running, any inseam they do have rides right up and they basically just cover my booty. I don't know if this is due to my body shape or if other people experience this.

That being said, I'm trying to embrace the shorter shorts and less obvious tan lines and so I think I'll keep rocking these during the summer. I do wish they had at least one pocket!

runs small

I think I'm in love

I've only worn the shorts once...but I was initially worried that they were too big (I'm 5'5 and 125lbs) and got a size Medium since I tend to have soft middle and get muffin top. The higher waist band helped eliminate that too. I didn't have to adjust them once. I might get another pair in a small for comparison. A pocket for either Gu or a zippered pocket for a key would be an awesome addition.

runs small


I love these shorts, love them, the waistband is great. Would you consider making another version with a longer inseam? I am tall, 6', with a long torso, and in my 40's. My other tall running friends and I would buy them up if offered. Thanks!

runs small

My favourite racing shorts

I was initially dubious about the height of the waistband, but I am now a convert. I love that there's no gap between my shirts and my shorts, and when I race in a sports bra + shorts I find that these are more flattering because they don't cut me off at my widest point (my hips).

They are also great yoga shorts.

I would wear them every day if I didn't sometimes need a pocket!

true to size


I like these - they are shorter than the Stride shorts (2" inseam vs. 4"), but not as brief as the Competition brief, so a nice choice for racing. These seem to be significantly higher waisted and I wasn't sure about that, but I found the high waist was actually pretty comfortable, eliminated any chance of a muffin top and felt supportive and not constrictive. I don't know that I'd wear these alone with a bra top, but with a singlet, they work very well. Please make these in indigo so I can replace my current racing shorts.

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