S19_Roga-blog-images1.jpgMac Rogas in Cloud Print

I just got back from Hong Kong where we met with one of our longtime factory partners. Two women; sisters, who have been with us through so many ups and downs. As we caught up, they told me about how they had recently moved the factory to a bigger space. “You know, it’s good to change,” one told me. She said people “get stuck in the old” and that the move had - and here she gestured with her hands coming up like new growth “Refresh! It’s good to refresh!”

Refresh. Renew. Rewire. Revive. We're grateful to live and work in the culture of sports, where renewal is known and valued. Where the beauty is the build up. The working toward. And with each finish line, comes a scanning of the horizon: What’s next? Where to? In what direction? What we believe is that if running is consistent part of life, that direction—though always full of ups and downs—is likely to be a good one.

Welcome to the Roga Revival. Our most meaningful to date. A tiny fit tweak (the sisters tease me for my 1/4” here and 1/4” there) but the upshot is that the fit changes we made in 2018 are just ever so slightly improved. And so. Many. Cool. Updates. I’ve outlined them all below. And the wear test results have been phenomenal. We hope you agree - and await your feedback. From us to you, I hope you love the Roga Revival as much as we do!

S19_Roga-blog-images2.jpgMac Rogas (L) and Rogas, both in Moody Floral

LEG OPENING // We heard feedback from you all (thank you) that the 2018 models flared a bit at the leg opening, and we agreed, and shaped it back straight. The other major measurements remain the same.

S19_Roga-blog-images3.jpgLeft to right: Rogas in Storm Clouds, Summer Rogas in Douglas Fir, Mac Toolbelt Rogas in Black

POCKETS // Power to the pockets, always. While the previous Roga styles had some small pocket options, we all wanted more! Not just bigger, but more ergonomically located—along the waistband where any weight will be felt the least.

    ALL Rogas have the new, extra large zip pocket at the center back

    New Toolbelt Roga Design with our new 360 Pocket: center back zip + power mesh

    New Mac Toolbelt Roga: including our new 360 Pocket: center back zip + power mesh

    Updated Summer Roga with new center back pocket in power mesh

PRINTS // Meet Moody Floral and Storm Clouds—vivid, photographic prints that tell a story. Our O-exclusive floral is both beautiful (flowers) and dangerous (thorns), the way we like to think of our athlete selves; and Storm Clouds is quite simply an ode to our lush and lovely Northwest. Both play major roles throughout the season.

S19_Roga-blog-images5.jpgSummer Rogas in Douglas Fir with power mesh pocket

FABRIC // You know we don’t play when it comes to fab fabrics. And fans know the Roga is the leader in being a stretch woven super short. Any replacement needed to be an improvement, and this one is. If you’re a longtime fan, you may remember the Embossed Roga collection. If so, we crowned that fabric the new Roga Stretch Woven across all styles (with the exception of the Summer Rogas which remain in the same ultra-lightweight stretch woven). 

roga_fabric.pngRogas in Curfew

This new (but prior and proven) new Roga Stretch Woven: same stretch, same durability, improved hand feel - softer, and the little known attribute known as fabric noise level. Yes, the fabric is quieter.

Note: all Rogas in the Moody Floral and Storm Clouds prints use the original Roga fabric. Summer Roga fabric is unchanged from previous seasons.

The waistband fabric, across the Roga Collection, gets an upgrade too! Starting with 2019, we use our ultra-light, ultra-stretchy Plya Compression that you might know best as being the Spandos fabric. Mmmmm smooth, light AND compressive.

S19_Roga-blog-images4_REV.jpgMac Toolbelt Rogas in Pop

NEW DESIGN // Because yes, “refresh!” We heard from many of you that you wish we had a Toolbelt Mac Roga. And you know, we can’t say no to your #flystyle wishes. 

S19_Roga-blog-images6.jpgMac Rogas in Black

BRANDING // A small version of our beautiful new crest makes its way onto the scene...head up, wings out!

Thank you for following along - and all your Roga love over the years. See more 2019 new over on our season launch blog!


Allyson Ely