Hard to believe we're already approaching February of 2019! And that means the marathon Olympic Trials in Atlanta are just over a year away. Whoa. 

I feel like I just got back from the whirlwind of Rio! Speaking of the Olympic dream...we are so proud to be on the support squad for our rings-aspiring athletes, including Allie Kieffer. I love following Allie's training and Coach Hudson's posts because they give such a real window into the day to day work and focus. Turns out, there really is no secret. Allie updates us on her 2019 spring below! We can't wait to follow along. 

allie_kieffer_blog.jpgPC: Melissa Ruse

Lesko: We've loved following your and Brad's new Youtube Channel, can you share what led you to start a channel?

Allie: Social media accounts can be more like an individual's highlight reel than real life. We tend to share the best snaps from our phones - standing in the most flattering positions, our fastest workouts, the prettiest destinations, and the rare occasion dinner looks well-presented.

I partake in it too, having hired photographers to grab shots of me running in front of epic skylines and mountain peaks with a hidden, constant inner dialogue to pick up my knees. I try to keep the message real and deep, but as I scroll through Instagram I usually wonder what’s really beyond the pretty little pictures. So, in an effort to keep it real, to share who I am and what I’m about beyond the run and a character limit, I started a Youtube Channel!

I hope to share a better look of my life - not just the highlights, but the struggles, challenges, and the journey behind the race results. 

Lesko: Looking ahead, what races do you have on the Calender this Spring?

Pacific Pursuit, Feb 17th, San Diego...looking to break 31:50! 
Road to Gold: An Atlanta 2020 Test Event March 2nd, Atlanta, 8.2 miles of the Olympic Trials course. 
Around The Bay 30K, March 31st, Ontario
London Marathon, April 28th, UK, with the goal to PR

Lesko: And, last but not least, I wanted to share your quote I loved from this post. Thanks for your perspective. 

If I hadn’t lost the sport I wouldn’t have realized how much I wanted it.
If it came easy it wouldn’t be so empowering to strive to master.
If it wasn’t challenging I wouldn’t have risen.
Life gives us an abundance of opportunity. How you frame it frames you.


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