Huge congrats to our prize winners! And thank you to everyone for joining in the giving spirit.

If you see your name/handle listed below, please email hello(@)oiselle(dot)com with your sizes, full name and address. #Flystyle coming your way!

11/18: Amy - Instagram: @amyschlott
11/19: Beckie - Twitter: @beckietuttle
11/20: Sheena - Twitter: @sheenabean13
11/21: Sheridan - Twitter: @prettyfancy6
11/22: Caroline - Twitter: @cupkeats
11/23: Stephanie - Twitter: @sadvilora
11/24: Maureen - Twitter: @slowmoby

Happy 4th annual #rungiving! The week where we go beyond the black and cyber madness and find ways to reflect and connect. If you're new to the challenge, don't worry, the rules are simple. Just follow Oiselle on Twitter, and every morning at 6am PST look for the challenge of the day. RT, complete it, and share a photo with us on Twitter or Instagram!

We'll announce all of the winners on Monday, November 28th: post-Thanksgiving bonus! Most of all, thank you for being a part of our run family!