Building on our "18 Questions" interview series with our Athlete-Advisors, we're now going to get to know our Haute Volée athletes a little better. First up, Paralympian Jenna Fesemyer.



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Jenna Fesemyer joined Oiselle in 2019 as our first para-athlete, and re-signed with us here in 2022.

Jenna was born with a birth defect in her left leg, and when she was just one year old her left foot was amputated.

“Doctors said when I was born that I would be the last one to sit up, the last one to crawl, the last one to stand and walk. Well, I was the first to do all those things.” Jenna Fesemyer, Ali on the Run podcast #508.

Jenna started wheelchair racing as a teenager (more about that in the video above!) and hasn't stopped moving since.

With solid races at the 2020 U.S. Paralympic Trials, Jenna made Team USA and raced in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021. Later that year she raced the Boston, Chicago and London marathons all within eight days of each other! We see nothing but continued strength and fast times in her athletic future.

But even more importantly, we’re excited to keep working with Jenna to advocate for and elevate disabled sport and disabled athletes. Visibility, funding and prize money gaps, education…there’s so much work to be done, and no one we’d rather do it with.

Jenna's got a heart and smile to match those professional pushrim arms. 💪🏼 We can't wait to cause more good trouble with her in the year ahead.

Rebecca Nelson
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