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October 22, 2019

Elite Grannies Rock Our World


Oiselle believes in team and the power of team to elevate individuals. We celebrate our Volée and Haute Volée teammates – constant sources of motivation. And those of us who are “aging with spirit” (as we like to call it) have been so encouraged by the vim and vigor of our older teammates! Today we are delighted to announce Oiselle’s newest featured team, the Elite Grannies. These women are all 70+ (!!), and are out there competing and testing their mettle on the roads and trails. They’re decked out in special Elite Grannies gear, so you won’t miss them at their next race. Learn more about Peggy, Marjorie, and Donna below! 

October 18, 2019

Salute to Kara Goucher


It’s been quite a month ... actually, more like 5 years for Kara Goucher. When we met her in early 2014, Kara had already begun testifying against illegal practices she observed during her time at the Nike Oregon Project. We knew it weighed on her. All the time. There would be waves of stress brought on whenever a new portion of the investigation started. When the Pro Publica report came out in 2015. When she was interviewed immediately after getting 4th at the marathon Olympic Trials in 2016. When she testified in 2017. When USADA found against NOP in 2017 but the case immediately went to appeal. Kara would often be lectured by strangers, “If there was something illegal going on, we would know about it by now.” But she had no choice but to wait on the official process. And now she can be open about it. We collected some of the best reporting (below) on Kara’s work with USADA and her feelings on the investigation. Good reading if you want to understand the inside workings of our sport.