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February 23, 2017

Our Favorite Spring Trends 2017

My favorite part about looking at what designers are sending down a runway is analyzing how they bring so many disparate design elements and concepts together to form a cohesive collection. (And when they fail at this- it's obvious too.) We think about this a lot at Oiselle. How will you as a consumer of our brand pair each season's tops and bottoms? What colors will pair well with others? What design elements will unify an outfit?

February 22, 2017

How To Run 100 Miles

Everyone, anyone CAN run 100 miles. In fact, I feel that of all the distances, 100 miles can be distilled won to a most primal level, the most simple. The task for most seems impossible to wrap your head around, impossible to even consider. The reality of running 100 miles or any big audacious goal is that our perceptions of our own capabilities, our own limits stand in the way. The reality is that we are often scared, soft, entitled, seeking the easiest way, avoiding failure at all costs. We don’t ever get close to our limits and so we cannot fathom even coming close.