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May 24, 2017

The Not-So-Boring Guide To Runner's Etiquette

Sometimes I wonder what Oiselle is thinking.... Sure, ask Jungle Chicken to write a sassy article about poor decision making. Of course, ask her to weigh in on fashion do's and don't's (because she'll know the don't's all too well). She'll probably have a few fun things to say about a disastrous marathon attempt. But, really, Oiselle... ETIQUETTE? RUNNING ETIQUETTE? 

May 23, 2017

The R18 Project

Megan Murray

Every morning, sometime in my sequence after coffee and before I walk my dog, I look in the mirror. There’s a functional conversation that happens there (is there toothpaste on my face?), but I’d be lying if I omitted the emotional monologue that usually follows. Sometimes the thoughts are softer, subtle - a quiet evaluation of my body shape, size, and structure. Sometimes those thoughts are a little louder - a direct critique of the state of my weight (and self- worth). I’m aware that this relationship - the one I have with my mirror, my self, my body - is broken.