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magic number tights

magic number tights

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Regular Price: $98

Special Price $58

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An elevated basic, these tights are made from Power Plya and our stretchy reflective mesh. The mesh is so stretchy, that it works brilliantly (and brightly) as calf inset, sending reflective warning signals to every single speeding car and bicycle. The rear zip pocket is extra roomy, with a zip closure. The high waisted style is smooth, with no outside seams for a sleek feel.

- Power Plya (polyester / spandex)
- Reflective Mesh trim at rear waist and ankle (polyamide / lycra)
- zippered pocket at rear waist
- interior drawcord
- 25" inseam

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4 reviews

little bit loose

true to size
  • NY
  • 32
  • 5'5"
  • more than 1 month(s)

Perfect for cold rainy days

These tights are my new go to on wet cold mornings. The material is so smooth and soft and doesn't get saturated and water logged in the rain. The reflective mesh at the bottom is great for low visibility especially those drizzly foggy early mornings. Not O's warmest tights, especially because the reflective bottoms are pretty airy but perfect for those cold not freezing days when it rains but not cold enough for snow.
Fit TTS, wear size two like all my O tights

  • reflectivity, upper tight material, nice large rear pocket
  • would love same design with a not so porous reflective bottom for colder weather...aka think flyout tights with reflective overlay on bottoms!
true to size
  • more than 1 year(s)

Brilliant in reflectivity and design

I purchased the Magic Number tights (in curfew) for dark runs, primarily commutes during which I wear a backpack, so reflective on my legs is necessary. I also use a blinking bike light on the back of the backpack. The reflective fabric is BRIGHT. The polygon of reflective on the back is typically covered by my tops; you could tuck in your shirt to expose it. What most surprised me was how much I love the tights themselves. They have a thick handfeel but wear nicely in motion, stretching and responding to movement. You guys- the best part? There are no seams on the lateral (outside) part of the legs, which gives them a smooth feel and look. In fact, I have worn them commuting to work, then thrown on a skirt and high boots (to cover the reflective pieces) and I passed as professional looking. !! I bought my normal size, 6, I am 140lbs and 5'4. The tights are the warmest of my suite of oiselle tights- firecracker, jogging knickers, pocket joggers. They are my preferred thickness for wintry coastal pac NW- humid, cold, but not freezing temperatures.

  • fabric, reflectivity, no seams on outside
  • i'm a big fan of the side pocket, but ... the seamless outside might be worth sacrificing the side pocket
true to size
  • Portland, OR
  • 36
  • 5'9"

Perfect Pacific NW Winter Tights!

Living in Portland, OR means dark, rainy runs through poorly lit neighborhood streets in the fall and winter months. These tights are a favorite of mine right now for many reasons. First, I feel safer crossing intersections since I know I am more visible to cars, especially in the pouring rain. The reflective part is REALLY bright! Second, the material is thick and warm, perfect for when the temperature dips. Lastly, the back pocket is big enough to fit my phone and an energy bar for longer weekend runs. I purchased my usual Oiselle size and they fit perfectly. I cannot recommend these tights enough!

  • Large reflective panels, Pocket size, Thickness
  • Portland, OR
  • 31
  • 5’ 4”

Better reflective placement please

I really wanted to like these, I run in the dark a lot and am always looking for reflective gear, but the placement of the reflective panels was just off. The waistband one is covered by any top I wear. If it’s full length tights weather, you’d better believe I’m wearing something more substantial than a sports bra or crop top. I’d like more reflectors on the legs, or have them higher up on the legs because I feel like my feet and ankles are often hidden by bushes or parked cars, etc. they fit comfortably, so that’s a plus, but in the end they just feel like another overpriced black tight.

  • Comfortable fabric and fit
  • Not enough reflectiveness and ineffective placement of it

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