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flyout tights

flyout tights

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Our warmest tights to date! Wear testers say they feel like a thick, warm glove for your legs. Made from the same jacket-weight Polartec™ knit used in the jacket and vest, these tights are both soft, stretchy, and compressive. Two large side pockets make these tights ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure. The leg opening includes a detailed, tulip cut, and are designed to stop just above the ankle.

- nylon / polyester / spandex
- pockets at both leg side panels - fits a phone
- interior drawcord
- 25" inseam (size 4)

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17 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Seattle
  • 45
  • 5'11"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Good, almost great. They run longer than expected

I have the Fall 2019 ones. I took a chance on these because of the reviews saying they were longer than expected, and they are. I'm 5'11" and a 25" inseam would normally look like 3/4 tights on me, (not even 7/8), but these do reach my ankles - barely, on the "tulip side", about the same as the pictures. So that's a plus for me, but the description is misleading.

Fit and color: They are on the thicker side without being bulky, slightly compressive, very comfortable and very flattering. The tulip cut is pretty and flattering but it doesn't make much sense on winter tights, to be honest. The waist is too high, enough that I didn't like wearing them for a longer period of time at home, but it didn't bother me at all when running. I got the douglas fir - beautiful as ever, maybe a bit of a deeper green than on the Pocket Joggers.

Test run: I wore them on a 38F morning run with clear skies, some sun, and barely any wind. They performed very well, did not move, did not slide down, and did not creep up at the ankles. It was a 30' easy run, and I was comfortable. It might have been a few degrees too warm for a longer run or a workout.. I would say they're perfect between 25 and 35F (I recommend wearing a pair of merino boy shorts underneath to keep your butt warm).

Pockets: My main issue is that there is no pocket in the waist band. WHY? It's a waste of a (very) high waistband. The side pockets are deep and held my car key without a problem. However, I don't like wearing it, my phone or ID unsecured on my legs, making me look like a pack mule. Why there isn't a secure pocket at the waist is a mystery. Why, Oiselle?!

Fit is TTS - I'm normally between a 4 and a 6 in O tights, and got these in 6.

  • Warm but not too much, flattering, very comfortable
  • A smudge too short on the tulip side, waist too high, no secure pocket in the waist band
true to size
  • PA
  • 30
  • 5'5"

Really nice, but not super warm

Summary: pretty good but not amazing
Note: this review is based on the tights I bought at the end of 2018; from recent reviews it sounds like maybe the newer version is longer at the ankles?

-The cut and seams of these tights are really flattering!
-The high waistband is really secure (no slipping down!). I didn't find it excessively high like some other reviewers
-Thick, snug fabric--I like it but if you're looking for a "barely there" feel, these aren't it
-The big side pockets are great
-Kinda warm

-These are the warmest tights I own, but just barely. I was looking for something I could wear on really cold winter days, like low 20s and below, and these unfortunately don't keep me warm enough at those temperatures.
-The tulip cut at the ankle is really flattering, but that shape combined with the tights being on the short side means that several inches of ankle are exposed when I wear these... not what I want in cold temperatures!
-A small zipper picket in the waist for a key would be nice. I get paranoid about losing my house key when I put it in an unzippered pocket, even though I've never had an issue with it moving around in the big side pockets
-The seams aren't very stretchy, so I have to be very careful putting the tights on or I can feel the stitches snapping. This was more of a problem when they were brand new, haven't noticed it much recently.

  • fabric, cut, high waist
  • warmth, too short
true to size
  • New Jersey
  • 33
  • 5'9

Love 'em!

I just bought these tights based on the reviews saying that they're long (tall girl here!) and they fit perfectly - I'm so happy with this purchase! I'm 5'9 and the inseam is great - they don't make me feel like I'm wearing 7/8 length tights. I often have problems finding tights that are long enough and heavily rely on reviews to make a purchasing decision. So thankful it worked in my favor in this case!

The fabric is thicker than I expected but I love the color and the side pockets are perfect for stashing my phone while at the gym when I don't want to wear an arm band or waist belt. Hoping more colors come out soon! Or tights with similar inseams. :)

  • Length, the side-leg pockets, waist
true to size
  • Philadelphia
  • 33
  • 5'8"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Cute, but long!

I really loved the look of these tights online, and was excited to get them and feel how thick they are! The pockets are an awesome bonus, and I love the ankle detail. The problem: they are easily 3" too long. How is this possible, I'm 5'8"! I want to love them, but they look stupid bunched at the ankle, and that's with the waist pulled up past my belly button. Maybe I got a weird pair that got made too long, but they won't work for me. Bummed to send them back :(

  • Weight, side pockets
  • Too long
little bit loose
  • Racine, WI
  • 30
  • 5'6"


I love these tights. They hit right above the ankle so perfect for 40-50 degree weather. They are supper comfortable and flattering and hold up really well while running. I am 5'6", 138 lbs and wear a size 6 in these.

little bit loose
  • Oregon
  • 48
  • 5'4"
  • more than 2 year(s)

warm-ish and large-ish

Was so excited to receive these last night, I immediately washed them to wear this morning. It was in the low 40's (mid 30's with windchill) and my legs and butt were freezing the entire run! I tend to be too hot when running so was surprised that these didn't keep me warm enough, especially since other reviewers in colder climates (CO and MN) were fine. I also had to keep pulling the tights up even with the drawcord cinched up which was disappointing since I bought a size 8 but have a waist that is almost a size 10. On the positive side, I didn't have the problem some mentioned with the waist coming up too high and I'm short-waisted and 5'4". They are a little long in the leg but not enough that it bothered me. My favorite feature is the pockets - they need to be on all running bottoms!

  • pockets
  • not warm enough, runs slightly large
little bit tight
  • Silver Spring, MD
  • 43
  • 5'9
  • more than 2 year(s)

Warm and cozy!

The fabric on these tights is so thick and really helps keep the wind at bay. I would recommend these for temps 20 - 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I ran in them for the first time during a blustery 31 degree day and was 100% comfortable.
I think the extra thick fabric is why they run a tad small, they just don't stretch as much as other fabric, but they provide great compression and stay put!
The pockets are DREAMY!
I love the tulip cut at the ankle, it's like a little hug for my ankles which always suffer in the winter! With the tulip cut and added length, no cold air is getting between these tights and my socks! The high waist made sure my base layer tank stayed tucked in as well!
!00% happy!!

  • Stay put styling, ankle coverage, POCKETS
  • A little on the small side of the size scale.
true to size
  • Utah
  • 25
  • 5'8"

Really comfy but NOT winter tights

These tights are really comfy, soft, and stretchy yet have good compression. Really comfy!!! However, I do not recommend them for winter running. Anything below 40 (maybe 30 degrees) and they would not be warm enough. They're super cute, just not really warm if you get cold winters!
I run a lot of trails and road in the winter and these would definitely not hold up to running in the winter in the mountains (for reference, I'm from Utah).

For sizing reference: The size 4 fit me perfectly and I'm 5'8" and 130 pounds.

  • Cute, Comfortable, soft, high waist
  • Not as warm as I anticipated
runs small

Hits and misses

These feel awesome on. The compression is substantial, the material is is thick and sleek. Makes you feel fast! Ran in windy 26°F this morning and never felt cold. Love the leg pockets for phone. Got my normal size, fit fine out the gate. Misses: Wish the legs were longer; for winter tights I'd like them to cover my ankles (I'm 5'6"). Wish there was a small key pocket in the waistband. They slouched down too much during my run, I'll have to try cinching the waist next run and see if that helps. And I heard stitches snapping when I first pulled them in and again when I tried to yank them up mid-run (why aren't the seams stretchy??). Finally, wish the lining of the black tights was also black because the white lining does make these seem very see-through when stretched. Even with the issues, I'd still recommend them.

  • Warm, compressive, phone-size leg pockets
  • Short legs, white lining, no small key pocket, slouches during run.
true to size
  • Seattle, WA
  • 35
  • 5'4"

Perfect winter tights!

I love the fit and feel of these tights, they are exactly what I have been looking for. They are warm and weight of the fabric is fantastic, they stay in place perfectly and feel snug but not too snug. They also have a very sleek look for everyday wear, and the pockets are a nice addition for this as well. I also love the tulip cut at the ankle (which hits me a more flattering place than the aero tights). For reference, I am 5'4" and weigh 110 lbs and the size 2 is perfect. I consider them to be TTS with my other Oiselle tights.

  • fabric and fit
  • wish they came in more colors!
  • NY,NY
  • 43
  • 140


these tights are amazingly soft, however they do not stay up and are super long. no matter how tight i pull the drawstring. i ordered my usual size 8 which i am in Oiselle tights. i should have went with a 6. Considering these tights were a splurge it is a huge disappointment that they are completely unwearable for me. I wish i knew of a place to donate to a runner in need because these will just sit in my closet.

  • the fabric is amazingly soft
  • they do not stay up!!!
little bit tight
  • Ontario, Canada’s
  • 39
  • 5’5”

Not for winter running

When I bought these last year, I thought they would be much warmer based on the product description. They are great for early winter running and early spring. But once the temp drops below 40 degrees they don’t provide enough warmth, especially if it’s windy. Oiselle needs to make a running tight with a warmer lining and something with some wind blocking ability would be great! Love the colour, and the fit, but I opt for my boring black pearl izumi tights when I need to be warm!

  • Style, color
  • Not warm enough for winter running
true to size
  • Denver, CO
  • 33
  • 5'5"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Love these tights...but...

I tried out my Flyout Tights yesterday on an 8 mile run in 40 degree (30ish degree windchill) weather, and loved how warm they are! I am really looking forward to my next super cold run to really test the warmth factor. My only issue is that these tights seem really long - I'm 5'5" and wear an 8 and the waist came nearly up to my armpits. They "settled"; a little over the run, but just seem way longer than my other Oiselle bottoms. Still would recommend as a great warm option!

  • Warmth, design, fit in the legs
  • Strange overall length
little bit tight
  • WA

If you like pockets, you absolutely need these!

I never knew how badly I needed pockets in my running tights until I finally had a pair with some. These tights are incredible! Made of a thicker fabric then your typical tight, they keep me warmer in the cooler temps. They look fantastic on, run a tad on the small side (but I didn't size up from my normal Oiselle sizing) but again the biggest draw is the pockets! I run with my iPhone and keys neatly tucked into them, and they remain secure through the entire run.

  • Pockets!
  • Run a tad on the small side
true to size
  • Minnesota

Warm & wonderful!

These are just the right amount of warm without being stiff, and the material feels high-quality and flattering. These are perfect for running out here in the Minnesota winter and they're just what I was looking for. Best leggings I've owned and a great investment - hoping they'll last.

  • warmth, fabric, compression, pockets
  • seams show a little wear
true to size
  • Boston
  • 39
  • 5'6"

Great but with a few caveats

I recently moved to Boston (from San Diego) and have been searching high and low for comfortable, warm running pants that aren't bulky. These are are almost perfect!
They are warm (although I expected/hoped for them to be a teeny bit warmer) and not bulky at all - yaay! All the pockets are awesome and totally necessary for winter pants, and the tulip cut at the ankle is really pretty touch (although usually covered up by socks).
I'm always a size 6 in Oiselle and these fit just right, except the very top of the waist is a bit tight! .... ESPECIALLY since they come with a drawcord so one could tighten that up if needed. Other than that though, they are a very cozy pant. I'd buy more if more 6's were available!

  • Compression, styling
  • Tight at waist top
true to size
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • 27
  • 5'10

Kinda Odd

I really like some aspects of these tights (especially the pockets) but the waist came suuuuper high up! Like, nearly to my chest...and I'm tall (5'10) with a longer waist/long legs. What I found most disappointing, though, was that these are see through! I did a bend test and my friend got quite the view...

  • see through, too high-waisted

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