Flyout Tights



Wear testers say they feel like a thick, warm glove for your legs. Made from our Flyout Compression fabric, these tights are both soft, stretchy, and compressive. Two large side pockets make these tights ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure. The leg opening includes a detailed, tulip cut, and are designed to stop just above the ankle.

- nylon / polyester / spandex
- pockets at both leg side panels - fits a phone
- interior drawcord
- 25" inseam


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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Love these tights - they do stay up if you use the drawstring!

I really love these tights. They are surprisingly warm for a tight that isn't fleece-lined. The fabric feels supportive and soft, but not compressive. And the pockets are super handy and hold a lot of stuff. They also seem to make the bootie look nice as an added bonus! I've seen a lot of reviews saying they fall down. I don't have this problem - that being said, I have two tricks with Oiselle tights: 1) I order a size down. I am a 26" waist and a 35" hip and always get the 2. I find the size charts are off on bottoms, so if you are between sizes, you might want to try that. I also struggle with the proper way to tie infinity bands, so I just cut mine, knot the ends, and use it like a regular old drawstring. The tights don't slip, don't bunch at the knees. And feel great even on 6+ hour run. I'm have the black, and am hoping for a sale price on the Lapis to get a second pair. I highly recommend for a great all-around winter tight.

Phone drags tights down

Pockets are big enough for a phone and other stuff, MAJOR downside - if you actually run with a phone in one of the pockets these tights just get lower and lower because the phone drags them down. Personally, I could do with another inch lengthwise. I’m 5’ 7” for reference, but I do have long thighs. I’m ok with the waistband and the seams, but since I’m between a size 8 and 10 I always size up for comfort. Warmthwise I was hoping for a bit more warmth, just a tad more. It’s an ok tight for short winter runs, but without a phone (mainly as a safety feature) I won’t be doing longer runs in these.

"Won't stay up review" below is completely accurate!

These are not the flyout tights I'm used to. I have two other pairs (empire and curfew colors) and they fit perfectly. The review below that said the waist is too big and the seams in the legs are too tight described it perfectly. Sadly, I would not recommend buying this seasons fly out tights, despite this style of tight usually being one of my favorite to run in for winter weather.

Missed the mark for me, may work if you're shorter

I really wanted to like these for winter running. First, like nearly all Oiselle tights of recent years, they are too short for me. I'm 5'8" and I don't consider myself that tall. Even though these are stretchy, the short length means I'll be battling these wanting to slide down. This was an issue for me with the seamless tights last year, which now have a hole and are not wearable for this very reason. I do think these tights will work for people who are shorter.

I also wanted something thicker for colder runs (for those below 25-degree runs). I am tempted to try the bad weather version of these tights, but fear I'll have the same length issue. Looks like I'll just keep sticking with my old pair of Tall Lesley tights. And may resist ordering any more tights from O until there are some longer inseam options.

Honestly, I would return these, but I threw away the tags and packaging yesterday when I received these a little prematurely. So I'm sure I'll find some use.