The Queen Bra has a deceptively simple design aesthetically – but still includes all of the internal construction that makes it a highly supportive, structured bra. It includes molded cups with perforation for heat release, our unique padded and stable shoulder straps, adjustability in both the chest band and the straps, as well as an extra plush and ribbed chest elastic that forms the foundation of the style. Its body fabric is Power Plya™ Compression which is smooth, durable, and includes a high Spandex® content for stretch and recovery. Learn more about the Queen Bra on the blog.

How to Determine Your Sports Bra Size

- Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
- Straps are covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
- 2” plush ribbed elastic chest band for comfort and heat management
- Sewn in molded cups with perforation for heat release
- No-stretch power mesh liner to maintain shape and stability
- Adjustable straps for different levels of support
- Bra back opens completely for easy on/off
- 4 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
- Covered pad protects skin from hook and eye closure
- Plush Elastic with custom Oiselle birds design

Customer Reviews

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New Favorite

I have been searching for a replacement of a bra brand I used to love, but is no longer being made. I decided to give the Queen bra (in douglas fir) a chance. I normally wear a 34DD but sized up to the 36D, and I'm thankful I did. It fits me really well. This bra has been fantastic through long marathon training runs. I normally chafe, but I have not had this issue with the Queen bra. I still use a body glide type product on race day as a back-up. The girls are held firmly in place, but it doesn't feel restrictive. It can be difficult to get on at first. If I wear the straps in a traditional way, I hook in front and rotate around. If I am wearing the straps crossed, then it sometimes takes me a minute to get the hooks done in the back. It has gotten easier to put the bra on as I've worn it. The original bra I received did have an issue at the seam I noticed after wearing, but Oiselle customer service was fantastic, and quickly sent me a replacement. They were easy to work with and offered the exchange even after it had been worn and washed. This bra has become my new go-to favorite!

Best Bra Ever!

This has been the best high support bra I have ever had! I have experienced chaffing from other bras during ultra runs and I have yet to experience any problems with this bra. I just purchased my 3rd one. The support is unreal, and it's super flattering. I love that I can configure the straps different ways as well.

So close!

I love so much about this bra. As others said, the band is very tight, but I exchanged for one band size larger and it fit great. Very supporting EXCEPT the shoulder strap adjustments don’t stay in place - they slide down and the straps lengthen and I lose support. Seems like this would be a simple fix….would buy more of these if I didn’t have to readjust the strap length halfway thru every run.

Poor design makes this bra impossible

On the plus side - this is an attractive bra, the straps are soft and it does hold the ladies in - BUT you have to be able to get it on. First off, the band is tight. Deathly tight. I actually remeasured myself after trying to squeeze into this thing thinking I may have grown. I did not. While the band relaxed a bit about two miles into my run, it itched and felt uncomfortable. Because of the aforementioned band problem - I can't use this bra as a cross back because I can't get it on. The band is too tight to enable me to pull the bra over my head, pre-hooked in the back. I cannot seem to manage reaching behind me to get all four hooks connected. And because the changeable straps connect in the back, and not the front, I can't fully open the bra, put it on backwards to hook, and then pull up the straps. So: band is too tight. The four hook closure only works if you are Houdini. And the straps should hook in the front, not the back, to enable the cross back functionality Product folks: Making the straps attach in front, and not the back, would massively improve this bra. Ladies: maybe size up and loosen up those shoulder before you try to put this thing on!

Holds them up and in

Like many women, I've been ISO a sports bra that is supportive and will work for running and other high-impact activities. I was a long-time fan of Moving Comfort bras and then followed them to Brooks Running and was so disappointed when the line was discontinued. Tried the Queen bra and I'm impressed! I'm 5'11, 152 pounds, 36C and so far I am really liking this model. I crossed the straps in the back and felt very supported - held in and up and minimal bouncing - on my speed interval run this week. If that bra disappoints over the coming weeks I'll report back but so far I am sold. I like the feel of the fabric too.

so far so good!

I'm constantly buying bras to try out, since finding comfortable ones for all variety of activities is close to impossible with 34DDD/36DD sizing. I got this today, and...IT FITS! So I immediately tried it out on my Peloton bike, and it was awesome! It's super comfortable, and I'll be wearing it for everything except for running -- definitely not enough heavy impact support there. But it'll work great for weight lifting, peloton, work as a physical therapist assistant, etc. At least I hope it will! The first impression has been great! I immediately crossed the straps to make it a racerback, too. It was almost a bit difficult to get the clasps together, but I got it in the end, lol.

Best bra for moms!

I finally ordered this bra after reading a couple great reviews from other moms. It's impossible to find a good supportive sports bra for large boobs, especially one for nursing.
This bra is so soft and comfortable, so silky feeling and so comfy. Nothing digs in or pulls or pinches!
I used the size finder because after having a baby my boobs are completely new size. The cups are a little bigger than I expected hut the band fits so perfectly. Lots of coverage on the girls, with room to poop one out for a quick feed if need be.
I ordered the Douglas fir colour and it's gorgeous! Perfect bra in my opinion thanks oiselle!!

Queen status

My boobs got a lot bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was super angsty and I felt like I’d never find anything that worked. Dramatic maybe, but it’s tough!!! It took a couple tries to measure and find the right size of this bra (I followed the Oiselle blog instructions to do the +4 on the band size), but it was worth it because I love it! No chafing, no uncomfortable bouncing. I love being able to switch up the straps too.

I have the Sisters bra too, and I like this one better because it’s a little lower cut and less matronly, same support, and easier to get on and off.

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