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Our lightest shorts go long! These are the Rogas you'll want for hot weather and steamy workouts. The 4-way stretch woven moves with you and helps water and heat evaporate quickly. The waistband is made from our Plya™ Compression, and includes a large rear mesh pocket. The pocket is reinforced with a bar tack and stretch binding, so you can feel secure carrying a phone or fuel.

- Flyout Stretch Woven (nylon/spandex)
- Plya Compression waistband (polyester/spandex)
- Mighty Mesh pockets on back waistband
- Built-in technical liner
- interior drawcord
- 6" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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Back pockets bounce

I love the feel of the fabric and the color. These are perfect for hiking, but I bought them to run in and even with the drawstring tightened to a ridiculous level they cannot hold my phone without bouncing. I'm not sure if it's worth trying a smaller size, but considering your not-so-great return policy I won't be able to experiment.

Wrinkle City

I bought the heavier long roga short last year and they run a size too big, is billowy and the fabric snags easily so I tried this one. The fit is better (more like the best roga of days gone by) HOWEVER, this fabric wrinkles no matter what I do. I carefully fold, I have rolled them in a travel bag….who wants a short that is a wrinkled mess for $60.00. The shorts in the photo were folded neatly in my closet.

Finally! Shorts for thick thighs!

I LOVE these shorts! I have thick thighs and until now I haven't found a pair of shorts that don't ride up on me. These have made my dreams come true! They are incredibly light and quick drying too, I finished an 18 mile run in them with absolutely no chafing even though I was running in hot, humid conditions. I was previously running in compression shorts that were getting soaked and causing breakouts/chafing. I recommended these on my local women's running club and many others chimed in the same thing. So happy to have be found the long rogas and the featherweight style have been my total summer go-to's!

The best summer shorts I own

The best of the best. The fabric is incredible. Lightweight, moisture wicking and doesn't retain oder. Hands down the best summer short fabric I have ever owned. The fit is perfect and the top of the waist comes exactly as pictured, within 1" of the belly button. Love the 6" length. Shorty shorts is not for me anymore at my senior age. I can put my iPhone X in the back waist pocket and its very secure. Because of the really high heat and humidity we've been having this summer Ive been carrying a water bottle in a waist pack and the fabric does not snag. Wash, wear. Wash n wear. Why didn't I order more before they sold out of my size 10?

Amy B.
Not the running shorts I hoped for

I sized up based on other reviews, but should have stuck with my old size. The lightweight fabric is great, and thats the only thing these have going for them. The back pocket, though it’s roomy, does not hold anything firmly enough so that you feel like you have a load in the back of your pants. It’s incredibly loose.

I am not sure why I thought it would be any different than the last time I bough rogas (it has been years) , but the rise on these is awkward. I wish it was higher. It sits in an odd place for me, where I constantly feel like I need to pull it up, but then risk camel toe. Please consider posting that measurement on the site so that buyers know what they’re getting. A generic size chart isn’t enough.

Also, I bought these on sale, but didn’t realize they were nonreturnable, which is annoying. Running shorts are so expensive, many of us can only buy new ones when you do run a sale, but give us the option to return and make it right. All’s in all, a pretty disappointing experience. I’ll use the shorts for something like yard work, but not what I hoped for.

Nada W.
Love these, use them for workouts and yard work

Just completed 5 hrs of yard work in 90 degree weather, these were awesome. Truly, ordering another pair now. So much better than regular rogas.

You've created a perfect chimera!

I'm a fan of both the long Rogas and the long Flyout shorts, and have been wishing for a hybrid to combine the best of both...and wow here it is! I love the sleeker leg and back pocket of the Rogas, but fell in love with the lightweight material of the Flyout shorts. On hot and humid days the Rogas feel too heavy--and the fabric on several of my Rogas have snagged. But I found that although the fabric on the Flyouts don't snag, the blousier leg tends to ride up periodically on longer runs or during less humid weather (for some reason they stay down for me when the humidity is high, lol). And the side pocket of the Flyout is pretty useless for your phone because of all the bouncing.
Then these shorts came along.... with the lighter, less snaggy material, the sleeker cut, and an even better back pocket! This pocket is an improvement over the zip pocket IMO, because it's slightly easier to access your phone while running, and the mesh helps immensely to keep my phone from becoming sweat soaked, which happens a lot with the Rogas. I feel like the phone does bounce/slide just a tiny bit more in these shorts than the Rogas, but nothing that makes me fearful it will come out. Sizing seems consistent with last year's Rogas (I'm on the border between a 4 and a 6 on Oiselle's size chart, and much prefer the fit of the size 4 in the Rogas). I bought two pairs with a coupon, and would definitely buy more in the future. :)

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