When it comes to the US economy, small is big. Across the US, small businesses drive the lion's share of job growth, employment, and opportunity.

But from what I’ve seen, small businesses are also more dedicated to the heart and soul of the industries they serve. They are passionate about the activity far beyond the transaction.

For Oiselle, this view has often meant saying no to the wrong kind of growth. Saying no to big businesses, such as Dick’s or Amazon, that aren’t aligned with our mission to grow the sport and empower women on a very tangible level.

As a small crew of run lovers, we are committed to:


Craft. The art and science of creating apparel for athletes is something we live and breathe. The “by and for women athletes” consumes our research, our planning, and our passion for great product. We will design, and refine, and nerd out on the details of what makes women’s running apparel great. Being a small business allows us to do this.


Community. As lifelong runners, we know the best of the sport is the activity itself. And the friends who we share it with. From sponsoring pro athletes, to helping emerging elites reach the highest levels, to creating an all-are-welcome team, investing in community is something we will always do and care about. Big business frequently bypasses community because they view it as too difficult and expensive to manage. 


Cause. Within my own story, and so many women I talk with, I know that running has the power to transform lives. To create a foundation for growth, change, and healthy relationships. A big part of our mission is to help others find that. The Woman Up Fund, to which Oiselle and the Volée contribute, supports emerging elites on their path to success, and Bras for Girls, which puts sports bras in the hands of middle school girls in need.

One of the great things about the running community, is we have a healthy ecosystem of small businesses that are in place, and ready to offer you the myriad items you need/want to enjoy your sport.

We have our own killer holiday assortment and goodies for runners here.

But I also encourage you to support the hundreds of small businesses that are dedicated to our sport. From apparel to hydration to event promoters and shoe companies, your choices matter.

In particular, run specialty stores are incredibly valuable members of the run family. You likely have your favorites already. Please keep patronizing them. (Personally, I shop Super Jock n Jill for all my shoes and fuel). For a list of stores that carry Oiselle, go here.

We also support other businesses, large and small, that are dedicated to their community, and to the causes that help others grow and succeed. Among many others, thank you REI, Patagonia, and Title Nine for leading the way.

Most of all, we hope this holiday season - you will simply get outside and run. 

It's a small act, but as we know, small is big.

Cheers, and head up, wings out!


Love This
Allyson Ely