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We're back with another exciting round of "Who is..." This week, we're profiling our very own retail operations manager, Kristina Owsinski, otherwise known as KO (knock out). You’ve probably seen her beautiful face all over our website, but don’t be fooled by her pretty face, peeps. Kristina is the real deal, hence her nickname. I’ve had the honor of working closely with Kristina for years now and her work ethic is unmatched. When it comes to working hard and going the extra mile to get the job done, Kristina is IT. When’s she’s not juggling a million projects at work, she spends her “free time” (no such thing…don’t know where she finds the time) coaching female athletes. Yeah. But I’ll let her tell you more about that. Outside of being an incredible co-worker and friend, she’s my north star when it comes to staying calm under pressure.

Also, can we talk about this cat?!! What in the world. LOL!

Ummm. Can you tell us more about your cat? 
My Cat Slinky is the love of my life. We adopted her almost a year ago now after she was found in the bushes outside of a vet clinic in Moses Lake. Yes, we drove all the way to Moses Lake to pick up this cat, but it has been the best decision we have ever made! She is extremely vocal and loves chatting with me, and she is the perfect combination of affectionate and sassy. She is basically the best cat ever; can you tell I love her?

Does your cat have an Instagram account?
She sure does! Go follow @Slinkythefeline for your cat fix. I promise you will get a good laugh.

What are you passionate about?
I am extremely passionate about sports and coaching. Not only do I love track and field and obviously pole vault [Fun fact: KO was a pole vaulter for the University of Washingon and our own Haute Volée after graduating!], but I have a newfound love of coaching. I have been able to have such a positive impact on my athletes lives as a whole and that is something I really value.

What is your super power?
I think my superpower would be my ability to coach and lead my team. Whether it’s at work or my group of high school athletes.

What is your most used Emoji?
My most used emoji is the flexing arm muscle. Not a surprise.  

What is your favorite item you've bought this year?
My favorite piece would have to be the Simple Stripe Long Sleeve. I bought it in black and then found myself getting it in two more colors. It is a really great fit for anyone who has bigger shoulders or arms, it’s super lightweight ,and I love being able to dress it up with a pair of jeans.

What is the most out of character thing you've ever done?
I am wound up so tight, I don't think I do anything out of character. Brain would literally spontaneously combust.

If you could instantly become an expert at something, what woud it be?
I would love to instantly become an expert at running. I actually have no idea what anyone is talking about when they talk about running, and I work for a company that makes running apparel...but I am training for a half as we speak!

Passenger or Driver?
Driver. I get horrendously car sick when I sit in the passenger seat.

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?
They have to be funny. Even though I get super serious at work, I love being incredibly weird and goofy at home. Bugging my partner with silly gestures is my favorite activity.

Camping or binge watching something at home?
As much as I want to say binge watching, camping is my true choice. I love me some nature/peace and quiet to really shut off my anxiety.

Eggs or Toast?
Can I have eggs on my toast?

Dog or Cat?
Can I have a doggy and kitty that are best friends?

What else would you like people to know about you?
I think people need to know how much stress and anxiety I suffer from every day. Exercise and sports have been one of the best outlets for me to manage my anxiety, and I hope by sharing my story it can help others find something that works for them. If you are out there going through the same thing, you are not alone! It really does take a village and, as much as we hate asking for help, it’s necessary, and I encourage you to do it.

Hannah Calvert
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