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Weekend Update February 3


What a week! Hardly a chance to come up for air, so much going on at the nest! But let’s get down to it, it’s time for Weekend Update.

1. Office Move


We moved! Yep, Oiselle HQ is now…down the hall. While we were ready for a bigger space, it was bittersweet to leave our teeny office. So much happened in those four little walls over the last two years. We went from three to two to six. We went from receiving all our product up two flights of stairs. And storing it down the hall from our office.

Yes, just last year your Oiselle order was picked, packed and shipped by me, Sally or Kristin. Gone are the days of handwritten notes from Mac in your order. And also the days of you accidently receiving a medium instead of a small because my hair was on fire.

Anyway the new office feels huge! As in all six (soon to be seven) of us actually fit in the same room. Win!


2. Fast Girls' Weekend

As we talked about last weekend Kate Grace had a huge 3k debut at Dempsey. Huge.

On the other side of the country, Oiselle runner Kara Millhouse also had a standout race, 1st place at Penn State National Meet!

3. Lauren Fleshman Hangs at HQ

Lauren hung out at HQ on Monday, dreaming and scheming. I’d say she got pretty comfortable…


Check out Lauren’s recap of the weekend, thoughts on coming home to the world of track and finding the fire to compete still burns.

4. Photoshoot! In the midst of moving mayhem, we also scheduled a photoshoot. Talent included Mac, JJ and strength coach at UW, Audra. That woman made the diamond long rogas so hot! Can't wait to edit and publish the photos!



Looking forward to more nail-biting indoor action! Dempsey next weekend and then the Millrose Mile on 2/16.

February 03, 2013 — sarah

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