Creative inspiration can come from anywhere, even in the apparel industry. So when it came time to design a new collection with Kara Goucher and her inspiration was coming from a Yellowstone inspired/country ranch lifestyle direction, our design team said, "Giddy up!"

Enjoy this chat taking us behind the scenes of the creation of the Fall 2022 Kara Collection, with photography by Shane Macomber.


Oiselle: You had such a fun theme/idea behind this collection, can you speak to the inspiration?

Kara: I had been watching a lot of Yellowstone with my husband and we had watched Longmire as a family. I’ve always loved the idea of living off your property, I had always just imagined it in Minnesota, but watching these shows made me crave wide open spaces, western attire and ranch life. The idea that could wake up everyday and look at skylines and property that stretches for miles and your job is to work the property and it provides for you. Basically a romanticized version of what is a very difficult life!

O: You've worked on quite a few collections and styles with us, did anything feel different with this one?

Kara: I feel like I had a lot more say this go around. I sent a ton of pictures to the design team and we all talked about ideas. Obviously we weren’t going to make chaps, but what could we do to get a subtle western feel while staying true to Oiselle? I loved the idea of pants with detail, hints of the ranch lifestyle in design, barn coats – and that’s really how it started to take shape.

"Obviously we weren’t going to make chaps, but what could we do to get a subtle western feel while staying true to Oiselle?"


O: Among the pieces, do you have any favorites? If so, which one(s) and why?

Kara: Oh my gosh, I really don’t! I love the detail of the hemline of the Puffy Shacket which really makes it feel like a barn jacket. I am super excited to have the sleeveless Full Zip Vest, people know I like my tank tops! But also the Pullover and Track Pants have such an amazing fabric and feel. I’m so excited about how the fit of them turned out. Not fitted but not baggy. Like a nice top or pair of sweats that you’ve had for years that have worn to perfection.

Your son Colt is running cross country this year. How is it being a parent to an athlete, and what's that parent/athlete relationship been like?

Kara: Honestly, my biggest thing is to step aside, to let him come to me when he wants my advice. When both of your parents are Olympians, there’s a lot of pressure to be good. We have taken a very long term approach with him. He’s only allowed to run 2-3 times a week (including races). We want him to keep doing the other sports he loves like football and soccer.

Of course when I see him out running I get very emotional, the sport has changed my life and given me purpose. But I try to be chill with him. When I was growing up running was mine, I did it for me. I want him to have his own journey. But I can’t help but cheer loud when he goes by me on the course!!!


O: You have a book coming out next March! Tell us about The Longest Race.

Kara: I’m excited and nervous for The Longest Race to come out. I have been working on it for over three years now and it has been a huge part of my life the last the last three years. I can’t thank my co-writer Mary Pilon enough, there would be no book without her. It has been very important for me to tell my story from my voice for a long time. Many people have told my story in books, movies and articles. But most of the time the people telling my story haven’t even met me!! To be able to reclaim my life and what I went though on my terms has been hard but also empowering.

Throughout this process I realized I hadn’t really healed from some of the things I lived through and I went to therapy. Without the book I might have kept those things inside forever. While it has been hard at times, this book has really saved me in a way. I’m very exited for people to read it and for people, and especially women, to know that they have the right to tell their own stories, and they have the power to choose what happens next.

Rebecca Nelson