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2018: The Year of Team!

As we reflected back on 2017, the stories that stuck were all from our meetups: races, Birdcamps, cowbell corners, the CIM Expo, the IRL magic we all know and love. So for 2018 we’ve decided to double down and go back to our roots…and put our focus on events + people. Call us old-fashioned!

Life is better with a team: a squad in your corner, run-partners to show you around new terrain, a friendly face in the race. We are so pumped for 2018, and have a full slate of shenanigans we are working on. We hope to see you in the neighborhood!

2018 Oiselle Team Schedule

January: Team Month! A celebration of everything team. Volée opening, Tenacious Ten store registrations, and a special coaching contest (stay tuned).

March 18th: NY Half Marathon! Chief Bird @oiselle_sally is running, and wants to see as many singlets on the course as possible! And word is, some extra cowbelling appreciated as well.


April: Whoa this month is jam packed with:

  • Boston Marathon weekend April 14th-17th. Oiselle is organizing runs, an epic cowbell corner (of course) and a few other surprises. Nothing like Boston!
  • Tenacious Ten: Oiselle’s first and only race, April 21st around beautiful Lake Union in Seattle, with a full weekend of activities planned. We will have pace groups led by familiar Oiselle faces!
  • Eugene Marathon: Haute Volée Becki Spellman will be leading our Eugene birds…that course is flat and fast!


  • Grandma’s Marathon in beautiful Duluth, weekend of June 16th. I mean, we can’t pass up Kara Goucher’s hometown for a Oiselle event!
  • USATF Nationals, last weekend of June. We’re looking so forward to cheering on our runners and jumpers!


August 24th-27th: BIG (emphasis on big) Birdcamp in Pennsylvania! All Volée invited to attend this special weekend…be on the lookout for details.

October 5th weekend: Twin Cities Marathon in, you guessed it, the Twin Cities! We keep hearing raves about this marathon and will be there in force this fall!

October 28th weekend: Marine Corps Marathon in our nation’s capital.


December 2nd weekend: California International Marathon in Sacramento. We had such a fun time there in 2017, can’t wait to see what magic happens this year. One thing’s for sure: that race is a guaranteed OTQ factory!

So much to look forward to this year… we hope you join us!

*these targeted events are tentative we reserve the right to make changes! Suggestions welcome! 


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