Team has always been at the center of everything we do at Oiselle. So naturally, back when the Volée was born we intimately connected Volée memberships to our Haute Volée team ($25 from each Volée membership was immediately and directly applied to support our Haute Volée). It has been so gratifying to watch this team linkage take shape and strengthen, and our Volée team can truly take credit for the success of our elites.

In 2017 we wanted to expand our team support vision, and created the Woman Up Fund. Starting last year, the $25 from each Volée membership that goes to the Woman Up Fund directly supports not only our Haute Volée team, but philanthropic projects that impact women and girls in sport.

We are very pleased to report that in 2017 the Woman Up Fund enabled the following and more...



32 Fierce Haute Volée chasing their competitive dreams, including 13 athletes at the USATF National Championships in Sacramento, and our first marathon OTQ of the 2020 Olympic cycle (Lyndy Davis at CIM).



Our Bras For Girls donation program, which gave 2,600 sports bras to girls in need across the US and a few international programs, along with an accompanying educational booklet encouraging girls to stick with sports. Among others, Oiselle sports bras were distributed to the following programs.

  • Salida del Sol Academy
  • Cristo Rey Dallas XC Program
  • City Heights Runners
  • Cascade Middle School 6th Grade Basketball
  • Millenium HS
  • Homeless Children’s Playtime Project
  • YouthRunNOLA
  • Girls on the Run Snohomish and King County Chapter
  • Girls Gotta Run
  • Lamoille Union Middle School XC
  • Southern Middle School XC
  • Hampstead Middle School Running Club
  • Es Posible Una Sonrisa
  • MLK Junior Middle School XC
  • Hudtloff Middle School XC
  • Faith Family Academy of Oak Cliff
  • Face the Race
  • Park Place Outreach
  • Raub Middle School Girl Scouts Troop
  • Pinckneyville Middle School Girls Run It



Mailing Lauren Fleshman’s “Dear Younger Me” letter to more than 500 HS and College running programs in the country. 

“You'll see girls react to a changing body in three ways: give up, ride it out, or fight against it. With 100 percent confidence, I can tell you the best choice is to ride it out. The best is yet to come.”

We are grateful for your support of these programs, and welcome suggestions as we continue to put our team dollars to work. Click here to learn more about the Volée (we have a team opening coming soon)!

Woman Up indeed!




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