We are absolutely thrilled to welcome professional runner Allie Kieffer to the Oiselle family. Allie is a running veteran with a fresh hunger to compete. Allie has been a national class athlete since she graduated college in 2010 (she actually raced with our own Mel Lawrence at the 2003 Foot Locker National Championships!), but after qualifying for and missing the Olympic Trials in 2012 with an injury, Allie made an attempt to “retire” from the sport. Back in New York with a full-time job, her body repaired; the love of running and the desire to connect with the running community drew Allie back in. She slowly began to regain fitness and recharge her heart and desire to compete.

Coaching herself as well as a group of other athletes preparing for marathons, Allie continued to build fitness in 2016 and 2017. She decided that she had unfinished business with her competitive running career and worked her way back onto the road racing circuit. We noticed her return to the track last year with a new 10,000m PR and her continued momentum in the fall. At last November’s NYC marathon, a group of Oiselle Volée and Sally Bergesen were watching the lead runners roar down 5th Ave at the 23rd mile mark. Allie was running tall, springing off her toes, eyes wide open, and flying toward and past a host of world-class marathoners from around the world. What an athlete!

Allie’s 5th place finish in the NYC Marathon was a breakthrough, particularly when you consider she set a 15 minute PR and negative split the challenging course (1:16:36, 1:13:03). We believe Allie is poised for more breakthroughs over the next few years leading up to Tokyo.



When we were introduced to Allie we immediately asked her to fly to Seattle to visit the Nest. Allie straightaway impressed us with her quiet self-confidence, no-fuss attitude, and honesty. Allie has been through hard things. You’ve probably read her article about body image in SELF Magazine. Allie isn’t afraid to tackle some of running’s toughest issues. She may be a professional runner at the highest level now, but her grit is unmatched given her pathway to get there – 2 years ago she was a full-time nanny running before and after work.


Allie is determined, poised, humble, and focused on the path that lies in front of her. We are very excited to partner with her and hope that Oiselle’s support will help propel Allie to her full potential. Get ready to cheer: Allie is racing this Friday, as she guns for a PR at the Doha Half-Marathon! Fly, Allie!   

"My comeback is two-fold, setting new PRs and rediscovering my love and happiness for running and the community it’s brought into my life,” said Kieffer. “I couldn’t be more excited to join the Oiselle family. It was important for me to partner with like-minded individuals who embrace women in sport. I can’t wait to fly together!” - Allie

"Our approach to athlete sponsorships has always been focused on rising stars who have a story to tell. From the day Allie shocked the world and finished second American at last year's NYC Marathon, we knew she had drive, talent, and insights. Everyone at Oiselle is incredibly excited to support Allie as she not only aims to make Worlds and Olympic Teams, but also talks openly about issues that face many women athletes - from body image, to loss, to recovering from injury." - Sally

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