We are so excited to be heading back to Des Moines for USA’s…it’s been 5 years since we first experienced the sweaty awesomeness of Drake Stadium, complete with our “Balls” t-shirt, tons of swass, and hyped-up super-fanning. 


So much has happened since then, but what hasn’t changed is our enthusiasm for the sport and the amazing athletes who will be competing their hearts out in the heat and humidity. We can’t wait to cheer for everyone, especially our fierce flyers listed below! Follow along on @oiselle_team (twitter) for all of the action. 

Competition schedule for Oiselle’s Haute Volée:


1:50 pm: 3,000m Steeple First Round (Alexina WilsonEmily OrenMegan RollandMel Lawrence)


“My goal for USA's is to make the final, and then improve on last year’s 10th place finish! I really think I have the capability to finish within the top 6 this year!” - Alexina Wilson


"I really would like to make finals again at USA's and go in with even more confidence than last year. I’m hoping to place higher than I did last year, and really higher than I ever have at the national meet." - Emily Oren


"I am hoping to really enjoy my USA experience.  This is my 5th year in a row qualifying for USA champs in the steeple and every year I become more grateful to still be able to compete at this event in this meet.  I think even more so this year because of the rocky spring season I had with injuries.  I hope to show up, compete with confidence, make the final and give it all I have." - Megan Rolland 

2:20 pm: 800m First Round (Kendra Chambers)


"I am hoping for healthy rounds of racing and competing to my absolute best ability! This year has been a big adjustment to a new training group and after being injured I feel blessed that I'm healthy again and ready to run at USA's!! " - Kendra Chambers

4:40 pm: 400m First Round (Jasmine Blocker)


"It's all about making that final!" - Jasmine Blocker

5:15 pm: Triple Jump (Tori Franklin)


As the current American Record Holder in the triple jump, Tori is looking to continue her flying ways! 


6:05 pm: 400m Semifinals 

6:50 pm: 800m Semifinals 

7:40 pm: 20k Race Walk (Maria Michta-Coffey



3:20 pm: 3,000m Steeple Final


"I have a feeling the race will be tactical, so I want to walk away from the race knowing I was aware during the race to match moves. I want to walk away feeling really strong and confident with how I raced not just ran." - Mel Lawrence


1:55 pm: Pole Vault (Megan Clark


"At USA’s, I’m going in hoping to continue progressing this season, technically, and in height. I was able to make a few really big breakthroughs coming in, so hopefully that will give me the confidence I need to compete to my full potential." - Megan Clark

From the Athletes: Favorite Pump up Songs...

  • KOD by J. Cole - Jasmine Blocker
  • My House by Flo Rida - Emily Oren
  • Get Up 10 by Cardi B - Alexina Wilson 
  • We Run This by Missy Elliot - Megan Clark

Keep up with the fun on FloTrack or NBC Sports. Good luck to our fierce flyers, Head Up Wings Out!



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