Heather Stephens

We have reached the final day here in Eugene...and the whole experience has been quite comparable to that of a 10-day wedding. For real! Reuniting with old friends. Connecting with new. Moments of tears. Blissful triumphs. Heartbreaking near misses. Non-stop dancing. The roller coaster of emotions has been exhausting and incredibly exhilarating.

The moments of glory and loss have been shared and celebrated with the Nest and nearly 100 Volée members. When Kate Grace made it to the Big Dance, we all dropped it low on the floor and busted out our best moves with her. Now as we’ve reached day 10 - our legs are tired, our voices are non-existent, and we ain’t sorry about the notes we’ve hit or the notes we’ve missed. The party rocks on as we all #flywithkate over the next month. Take a peek at our highlight moments from the past three days...and stay tuned for more to come!


Britney Henry poured her heart into her training this year, and gave it her all at the Women's Hammer Throw on July 7th. Her best throw 66.29, just shy of advancing to the finals.   



Post-throw celebration with Britney, her amazing support system and family.


After watching Brit attack some throws, we made a splash on the water slides at Eugene's Amazon Pool. 

The next day, Rebecca Tracy raced in the Women's 1500m prelim, gutting it out, and earning herself a spot in the semi-finals! Crossed the line in 4:13.87.


And then it was on...the Women's 3K Steeple final with Haute Volée: Shalaya Kipp, Megan Rolland, and Mel Lawrence



They flew to 4th, 7th and 8th! Shalaya: 9:28.72, Megan: 9:35.31, and Mel: 9:36.35.


...and a PR for each of these incredible #steeplepeople!


Ninkasi helped us celebrate in style with their new Beer Run IPA. Successful happy hour night with all the birds. Huge thank you to our friends at Ninkasi Brewing! 

Last but not least, on day 8, Rebecca Tracy raced in the Women's 1500m semi-final. Her grit in competition was an inspiration to us all. She finished 16th overall, in a time of 4:13.39. Wow. What a journey! 


These past 10 days remind us all of the love we have for the sport, and the great people we have to share these moments with. Thank you to all the Volée who came out to cheer, and to those who helped cheer on all athletes from afar. 


Feather and JJ

jacquelyn scofield